As our beloved TV Series Merlin ends with the 5th season we shed some light of hope for the fans. There is some difference of opinion on whether the show has been cancelled or is coming to its natural end.

Executive producers Johnny and Julian have announced that they will be leaving Shine Ltd at the end of the year. This in mutual agreement because Johnny and Julian have decided to go on a new path of their own.

New Merlin Spin offs are being explored now by the Shine Groups and Fremantle Media Enterprise, who hold the exclusive distribution rights to Merlin outside of UK. At this point however it is unknown whether these will or will not involve the original characters.

If there will be a sequel project to Merlin of some kind, the Kudos Film and television will be the one to produce it.

Kudos is a part of the Shine Group.

As to their leaving Capps and Murphy said: “It has been a wonderful five years with Merlin and ten overall with Shine, but we have always had the ambition to branch out ourselves at some point and now feels the time to take that leap. We do so with great memories, respect and best wishes for our Shine colleagues and in the knowledge that if there were to be any subsequent adventures, the world of Camelot is in safe hands.”

Shine Group chief executive, Alex Mahon said: “Merlin has been an amazing success domestically and internationally, it goes out with an epic finale worthy of this amazing series and we are excited about potential future stories that could be told about the Camelot universe. We are also understanding of Johnny and Julian wanting to try something of their own at this juncture, they do so with everybody at Shine’s best wishes after a decade of being great colleagues.”

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