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KILGHARRAH: In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man. His name: Merlin.


[CAMLANN] [The battle continues.]



[Old Merlin riding as fast as can to get to Camlann.]



[Mordred continues to cut down Camelot knights, as he continues his search for Arthur. Knights surround Mordred. Morgana throws them back with a flash of her eyes Mordred turns and looks up at her. She nods her head at him. He walks on.]



[Old Merlin continues his rapid pace.]



[Aithusa screeches and flies overhead. Arthur looks up and sees her. She swoops down, everyone ducks and Aithusa breathes fire over them.]



[Gaius tends to the wounded. Gwen enters.]

GWEN: Bandages. I need bandages.

[She goes to the table that has the bandages. A knight moves past. A saxon bursts in, swinging an axe. A knight blocks his attack, misses one, gets knock in the stomach with the axe, pushed back and kicked down on a table. The saxon raises the axe above his head for the kill. Gwen stabs him in the back, killing him.]



[Old Merlin continues on.]



[Beroun cuts through the knights. Arthur fights a saxon, elbows him and knocks him to the ground. He dispatches another, turning into another saxon and disposes of him as well. A group of saxons charge at Arthur but before they can strike a blast of lightning knocks them down. Another group comes in from the other side, they get struck down as well. Arthur glances around and looks up at the top of the cliff. Arthur sees Old Merlin and they regard each other for a second. Old Merlin strikes another group of saxons down.]

MORGANA: Emrys! [Old Merlin throws Morgana off her little cliff and she lands among the dead that are scattered.] [Old Merlin strikes more saxons down. Arthur watches as they fall. Aithusa comes back to attack again.]

OLD MERLIN: Nun de ge dei s’eikein kai emois epe’essin hepesthai! Weas! [Aithusa halts her attack and leaves. Arthur stares up at Old Merlin. Arthur turns to the knights behind and raises his sword.]

ARTHUR: For the love of Camelot! [They charge after the saxons. The saxons retreat.]



[Gwen and Gaius are standing outside the tent watching Old Merlin.]

GWEN: Who is that?

GAIUS: Someone truly remarkable.

GWEN: You know him?

GAIUS: Let’s just say he deserves our gratitude. [Gwen looks up at Old Merlin until he leaves. She goes back in the tent.][Old Merlin walks across the ground looking at the bodies as he passes.][Arthur dispatches a saxon and looks around. A knight raises his arm up and Arthur runs to him. Just as Arthur gets to him he dies][Mordred steps out from behind a rock and walks toward Arthur, he raises his sword…Arthur either hears him or sees his reflection in a sword on the ground. He stands and blocks the attack, he goes to stab and stops, realizing its Mordred. Mordred stabs him and withdraws the sword, fatally wounding him. Arthur goes to a knee.]

MORDRED: You gave me no choice. [Arthur finds the strength and stands thrusting his sword into Mordred. They stare at each other. Arthur thrusts the sword one more time and withdraws it. Mordred smiles at Arthur and dies. Arthur lets go of Mordred’s chainmail and lets him fall. Arthur turns and starts to walk with his hand over the wound but goes down.]



[Gwen is helping tend to the wounded. Leon enters and sees Gwen.]

LEON: My lady. The battle is won. The saxons are in full retreat. They’re making for the hills. I’ve dispatched 200 men to drive our advantage home. [Gwen goes to him.]

GWEN: And Arthur?

LEON: We’ll keep looking.

GWEN: Thank you. [She turns away, putting a hand to head and the other hand on the table. Leon looks on but doesn’t know what to do. Gwen gets a hold of herself.]

GWEN: Oh, I’ll need some fresh water. [A knight nods to her and leaves to get the water. She rolls up her sleeves. She goes back to the knight she was helping. Leon leaves.]



[Old Merlin continues his search for Arthur. He sees him sitting slumped over on a rock. He drops his staff and goes to Arthur. He feels for a pulse. He puts Arthur’s arm over his shoulder and pulls him up. Old Merlin carries Arthur off the battlefield. Arthur still has a hold of Excalibur.]



[Arthur wakes up. Merlin is himself again. He’s sitting on the other side of the campfire with his back to Arthur.]

ARTHUR: Merlin. [Merlin gets up and goes to him.]

MERLIN: How are you feeling? [Arthur tries to move into a sitting position. But the pain is too much.]

ARTHUR: Ah, ah! [He grabs Merlin’s shoulder. Merlin puts a hand on Arthur’s shoulder, and then grabs his arm.]

MERLIN: Lie back. Lie back.

ARTHUR: Where have you been?

MERLIN: It doesn’t matter now.

ARTHUR: Ah, my side…my side. [Merlin glances at the wound.]

MERLIN: You’re bleeding.

ARTHUR: That’s all right. I thought I was dying.

MERLIN: I’m sorry. I thought I’d defied the prophecy. [Arthur looks at him.] I thought I was in time.

ARTHUR: What are you talking about?

MERLIN: I defeated the saxons. The dragon. And yet…And yet I knew it was Mordred that I must stop. [Arthur pats Merlin on the shoulder.]

ARTHUR: The person who defeated them was the sorcerer.

MERLIN: It was me. [Merlin grips Arthur’s wrist as he cries.]

ARTHUR: Don’t be ridiculous, Merlin. [He looks back at Merlin.]

ARTHUR: This is stupid, why would you say that?

MERLIN: I’m a…[Merlin stops cause of how bad he crying.]

MERLIN:[He points to himself.] I’m a sorcerer. I have magic. And I use it for you, Arthur. Only for you. ARTHUR: Merlin, you are not a sorcerer. I would know!

MERLIN: Look. Here. [Merlin turns his head toward the fire and raises his hand. Arthur raises his head.]

MERLIN: Upastige draca! [An animated dragon forms from the flames. Merlin looks back at Arthur. Arthur isn’t quite sure how to act.]

ARTHUR: Leave me.

MERLIN: Arthur!

ARTHUR: No. Just…you heard! Just… [Merlin leaves.]



[Gwen looks out the window. Knights move through the square. Bodies covered with sheets line the square. Leon enters. He walks to her and stops a few feet away.]

LEON: Three more patrols have returned from the White Mountains, my lady. There is no sign of him.

GWEN: He must be somewhere!

LEON: We have spoken to every villager, every man, woman, child. There has been no word.

GWEN: He is out there.

LEON: We will keep searching.

GWEN: He is alive. I know it, I can feel it. [He turns to leave as she turns around.]

GWEN: Who else is still unaccounted for?

LEON: Gaius.

GWEN: He’s not been seen?

LEON: Not since the battle. [Leon leaves.]



[Gaius walks through the woods to Merlin and Arthur.][Merlin sits at a fire next to Arthur. He stands as Gaius comes up. Arthur is asleep or pretending to be.]

GAIUS: Any change?


GAIUS: Let me see. [Gaius goes to Arthur’s side.][Merlin notices the herbs that Gaius is carrying or lack of.]

MERLIN: Is that all you got?

GAIUS: The hills are crawling with saxons.

MERLIN: There’s no yarrow, no lady’s mantle.

GAIUS: I got comfrey.

MERLIN: You should’ve got sticklewort. There must’ve been sticklewort.

GAIUS: Merlin, why don’t you water the horses. And make sure they’re fed, we can’t hide here for much longer. [Merlin leaves. Arthur cracks his eyes open to see he’s gone. He grab’s Gaius’s robe.]

ARTHUR: He’s a sorcerer. [Gaius doesn’t say anything. Just looks at him.]

ARTHUR: You knew.

GAIUS: Arthur, he is your friend

ARTHUR: I want him gone.

GAIUS: There is no need to fear him.

ARTHUR: Have him take word to Camelot. To Guinevere.

GAIUS: You cannot send Merlin. I will go.

ARTHUR: I need a physician right now, not a sorcerer.

GAIUS: He can do far more than me, far more than you can ever imagine. Arthur, he doesn’t just have magic…there are those who say he’s the greatest sorcerer ever to walk the earth.

‘A’RTHUR: Merlin?!

GAIUS: If you are to stand any chance of survival, you’ll need Merlin to help you, not me. [Arthur looks the way that Merlin went. He’s trying to process all this information.] [Merlin is feeding Gaius’s horse from his hand. He strokes it nose as Gaius walks up. Merlin hears Gaius and turns towards him.]

MERLIN: Gaius?

GAIUS: He has a fragment of sword embedded in his chest.

MERLIN: Then we’ll use magic to draw to it out.

GAIUS: No, the blade that struck Arthur is no ordinary blade. I fear it was forged in a dragon’s breath. Its fatal power will not be easily denied.

MERLIN: Aithusa.

GAIUS: The blade’s point is travelling inexorably towards his heart. Not even you could hope to thwart such magic. It would take a power as ancient as the dragons themselves.

MERLIN: No. There must be something that we can do, Gaius.

GAIUS: Only the Sidhe possess such magic. In the midst of the Lake Of Avalon there is an ancient isle. That is the source of their power. You must take him there.

MERLIN: He won’t allow that.

GAIUS: He will. I spoke to him.



[There is a pile of rocks. A blade is driven into the ground, there is a piece missing. A tearful Morgana stands next to the grave of Mordred.]

MORGANA: The battle is not over, Mordred. We will have our revenge.



[Merlin walks up to Arthur.]

MERLIN: Arthur? [Arthur turns his head toward him.] We need to leave at first light.

ARTHUR: I’ll decide.

MERLIN: I can’t let you die. [Arthur looks up at him.]

ARTHUR: It doesn’t change anything. [He looks away and closes his eyes.]

GAIUS: Let him sleep. It’s late. [Merlin walks to Gaius.] You cannot travel tonight. [Merlin steps past Gaius and looks out into the forest.] You were right to tell him. [Gaius leaves.]



[Morgana sits on her throne. The door opens, Beroun and two other saxons enter. They bow.]

BEROUN: My lady, we’ve searched every valley, every gorge, every gully. The King is nowhere to be found. [Morgana raise her head and shouts.]

MORGANA: I want him dead!

BEROUN: We’ve looked. [Morgana clenches her hand and her eyes glow. The saxon to the right of Beroun falls down dead.]

MORGANA: Find him. [Beroun and the other saxon bow and leave.]



[Merlin pushes Arthur upright on his horse. Arthur takes something off from around his neck.]

ARTHUR: Gaius. [Gaius walk up to Arthur as Merlin walks away.]

ARTHUR: Give this to Guinevere. [He places the necklace in Gaius’s hand.]

GAIUS: It’s the Royal Seal, sire.

ARTHUR: If I am to die, I can think of no one who I would rather succeed me. [Gaius places his other hand on top of Arthur’s, nods his head and walks to Merlin.]

MERLIN: You know I was betrayed. The girl, Eira cannot be trusted.

GAIUS: I know.

MERLIN: How long does he have?

GAIUS: At best, two days. [Merlin walks around Gaius and back to Arthur.]

GAIUS: Merlin. [Merlin turns back and goes to hug Gaius.] I’ll have your favorite meal waiting for you. Now go. Look after him. Go. [Gaius has a feeling that he won’t see him again. Gaius backs away. Merlin takes the reins of Arthur’s horse and grabs his horse and walks away. He looks back at Gaius one last time.]



[Gwen sees Gaius ride into the Main Square. She leaves to meet him.]



[Gaius walks up the stairs with Gwaine. Gwen comes down the stairs and meets them.]

GWEN: Gaius.

GAIUS: My lady.

GWEN: Tell me!

GAIUS: He’s alive. [Gwen lets out a sigh of relief.]

GWAINE: Then why isn’t he with you?

GAIUS: He’s wounded. [He holds out the Royal Seal.] He wanted me to give you this, my lady. [Gwen takes it.]

GWEN: Where is he?

GAIUS: There is a place where he may be saved. Merlin is taking him there as we speak.

GWEN: Well then we must send the knights. [She looks at Gwaine.] Ready as many men as you can…

GAIUS: No, my lady. Merlin can cope by himself.

GWEN: Merlin?

GAIUS: You must trust him.

GWEN: [Outburst.]How can one man be as strong as an army?!

GAIUS: Morgana’s forces are still searching for Arthur. Two men travelling alone stand a much better chance of evading her, especially if she has no idea where they’re heading. [He looks at Gwaine. Gwaine seems a little uneasy. Gwen glances at Gwaine.]



[Gwaine is looking out a window as Eira walks up to him.]

EIRA: Hey. What is it? [Gwaine turns around to face her.] Tell me.

GWAINE: Can’t.

EIRA: Why not? Is it the King? What’s happened to him? Gwaine? Is he dead?


EIRA: How do you know? Where is he? Gwaine? Don’t you trust me?


EIRA: Then tell me.



[Merlin and Arthur walk along. Merlin sees two men galloping their way.]

MERLIN: Saxons. [He dismounts and unties his blanket from the back of his saddle. He throws it over Arthur to cover his armour.]

MERLIN: I’ll deal with them. Keep your head down. Don’t speak. [Arthur grabs the edges of the blanket and pulls it around his face.][Merlin steps away from Arthur and looks around. He makes fake smoke appear in the trees ahead with a flash of his eyes.Then turns to the saxons as they come galloping up.]

MERLIN: Help us! Please you have to help us. We were ambushed. [The saxons dismount and walk towards him.]

BEROUN: By who?

MERLIN: These two men.

BEROUN: What did they look like?

MERLIN: Um…One was… a knight. [He glances over his shoulder and notices that Excalibur’s hilt can be seen.] They stormed our camp. [He points to the smoke.] [The saxons take a few steps to look at the smoke rising from the forest. Merlin goes and covers the hilt of the sword. The saxons turn back around.]

BEROUN: You’re sure it was a Camelot knight?

MERLIN: Yeah. [Beroun pushes Merlin back as he walks forward. He pulls the blanket off of Arthur. The saxons draw their swords. Merlin raises his hands and throws the saxons with a flash of his eyes. Arthur watches.]

ARTHUR: You’ve lied to me all this time. [Merlin doesn’t say anything.]



[Merlin is trying to light a fire using flints. Arthur watches as he fails to light it.]

ARTHUR: Why don’t you use magic?

MERLIN: Habit, I suppose. [Merlin turns to look at Arthur. ‘Seems like he’s asking if its ok?’ Arthur nods his head.] [Merlin starts a fire with a flash of his eyes.]

MERLIN: Feels strange.

ARTHUR: Yeah. [Merlin gets up and walks to the bags.]

ARTHUR: I thought I knew you. [Merlin unrolls his blanket.]

MERLIN: I’m still the same person.

ARTHUR: I trusted you. [Merlin looks up.]

MERLIN: I’m sorry.

ARTHUR: I’m sorry too. [Merlin walks to Arthur and takes his boots off.]

ARTHUR: What are you doing?

MERLIN: They need drying. [Merlin sets the boots by the fire and goes to his blanket.]



[Eira walks down a corridor carrying a basket. She goes to a room, sets the basket on table and pulls the blanket back. She reaches in and pulls out a crow. She releases it out the window. Gwaine walks up behind her.]

GWAINE: Eira. [Eira jumps and steps back.]

EIRA: I was just…

GWAINE: Sending word to Morgana?

EIRA: No! [Gwen walks up. Eira looks at her.]

EIRA: My lady! I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t betray you or the king.

GWEN: And you didn’t, you can go to your death safe in that knowledge. Your note will send your mistress riding for Brineved and all the while the king will be travelling in the opposite direction. Guards! [A guard goes in the room, grabs Eira’s arm and pushes her out the room. The other guard grabs her other arm and they lead her away.]

EIRA: Gwaine. Gwaine, please! [Gaius stands in the background.]


[Merlin supports Arthur’s head and tries to get him to eat something.]

MERLIN: This will be good for you. You need to eat.

ARTHUR: Why are you doing this? [Merlin places the spoon back in the bowl.] Why are you still behaving like a servant? [Merlin sets the bowl down.]

MERLIN: It’s my destiny. As it has been since the day we met.

ARTHUR: I tried to take your head off with a mace.

MERLIN: And I stopped you, using magic.

ARTHUR: You cheated!

MERLIN: You were going to kill me.

ARTHUR: I should of.

MERLIN: I’m glad you didn’t. I do this because of who you are. [Arthur looks up at Merlin.] Without you, Camelot’s nothing.

ARTHUR: There was a time when that was true. Not now. There are many who can fill the crown.

MERLIN: There will never be another like you, Arthur. Now, I also do this…[He sets the bowl on his knee, supports Arthur’s head and gets him to take a bite.]

MERLIN: because you’re my friend and I don’t want to lose you.


[Gwen is looking out the window. Gaius walks in. She turns around when she hears him.]

GAIUS: You called for me, my lady?

GWEN: I want to thank you, Gaius.

GAIUS: What for?

GWEN: Unmasking Eira. I shall forever be in your debt, and Merlin’s. Was it he that found Arthur?

GAIUS: He’s a good servant.

GWEN: He’s always been there at Arthur’s side.

GAIUS: Indeed. [Gwen walks toward him.]

GWEN: The sorcerer in the battle. You knew who he was. [She stops in front of him.]


GWEN: Do I know him? Please Gaius, answer me honestly…

GAIUS: Yes. [She smiles.] GAIUS: He’ll take good care of Arthur.

GWEN: Yes, I’m sure he will. I’m pleased. [Gaius bows and leaves.]


[The crow that Eira sent arrives. Morgana is standing with some of the saxons. She walks toward it. The crow hops to her. Morgana takes the note off its leg, reads it and smiles.]


[Eira is escorted out to be hung. Gwen watches from the balcony.] [Gwaine is standing in a corridor watching through a window. Percival walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder.]

GWAINE: You know what you said you’d do if you ever found Morgana? [Percival looks at Gwaine.]

GWAINE: Well, we’ve got a good idea where she’ll be heading. [Gwaine and Percival race through a forest.]

[FOREST] [Arthur is sitting on tree about to fall over. Merlin is getting a waterskin from his saddlebag. He turns to see Arthur slump over.]

MERLIN: Arthur, you need to hold on. One more day. [Merlin helps him.] One more day. [Merlin wipes Arthur’s head with a cloth. Puts the cloth away and starts to take the cap off the waterskin.]

ARTHUR: Why did you never tell me?

MERLIN: I wanted to, but…


MERLIN: You’d have chopped my head off. [Merlin gives Arthur a drink of water.]

ARTHUR: I’m not sure what I would’ve done.

MERLIN: And I didn’t want to put you in that position. [Arthur looks at Merlin.]

ARTHUR: That’s what worried you?

MERLIN: Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me, I was born to serve you, Arthur. And I’m proud of that. And I wouldn’t change a thing. [Arthur stares at Merlin. ‘Thinking maybe he has been wrong the whole time.] Ready? [Merlin puts Arthur’s arm over his shoulders and helps him up.]


[A small group of saxons and Morgana walk along a path in a forest. Gwaine and Percival hide behind a tree overhead, watching them.]

MORGANA: Position lookouts for the King’s approach. [The saxons move out.] [Percival up behind one, throws his arm around the guy’s head putting him in a sleeper hold. Once the guy has passed out Percival lays him down.][Gwaine comes up on one but the guy hears him. They cross swords but Gwaine cuts him down.][Two saxons come up on the guy Percival attacked. The second guy attacks Percival, they cross swords, Percival knocks him to the ground. Gwaine comes up as the other guy is about to swing and they cross swords. Each cut down a man. They go after Morgana. Gwaine catches up to her. She hears him and stops and glances over her shoulder. As Morgana starts to walk to him Percival jumps out through two trees with a dagger, he grabs her and stabs her in the side. With his back turn, Morgana throws him and then Gwaine with a flash of her eyes and hand motions. They are both rendered unconscious.]

MORGANA: Did you really think you could outwit me?


[Merlin leads the way. He holds up his hand, Arthur stops. They see smoke up ahead.]

ARTHUR: Saxons? [Merlin uses magic to ‘see’ the way to the fire. It’s an old smoldering fire and no one is there.]

MERLIN: They’re long gone.

ARTHUR: How do you know? MERLIN: I can ‘see’ the path ahead.

ARTHUR: So you’re not an idiot. That was another lie.

MERLIN: No, it’s just another part of my charm. [They continue on.]


[Gwaine comes around and sees that he is tied between two trees. Morgana is standing before him with a box.] MORGANA: Tell me where the king is.

GWAINE: I’d rather die.

MORGANA: Then you shall have your wish…once you’ve told me. [She kneels down.]

MORGANA: Not even you Sir knight, can resist the charms of the Nathair. [Morgana opens the box and a small black snake raise up, hissing. Gwaine struggle against his bonds.] [Percival come around. He is tied to two huge trees with the rope wrapped around wrists several times. He tests the ropes. Gwaine screams in the distance. Percival grabs ahold of the ropes with his hands and pulls, his face turning red with effort. The ropes break and he falls to his knees. He gets up.]


[Merlin and Arthur walk along. Merlin hears saxons up ahead and holds his hand up. Arthur glances up.]

MERLIN: In there. [They turn to their right and hide in a secluded area off the path. Three saxons on horseback come up the path. Arthur leans against a tree. Merlin watches from behind one. He sees a print that they left behind.]

MERLIN: Andslyht! [A small wind blows leaves across the print. The saxons stop and look around. Merlin makes the bushes rustle to the right of the saxons with a flash of his eyes.]

SAXON: This way. [The saxons leave.]

ARTHUR: You’ve done this before. [Merlin glances at Arthur then back to watch the saxons.] ARTHUR: All these years, Merlin…You never once sought any credit.

MERLIN: It’s not why I do it. Come on. [Merlin puts Arthur’s arm over his shoulders and helps away.]


[Percival walks up to Gwaine who is slumped over. Percival lifts Gwaine’s head up.]

GWAINE: She’s riding for Avalon.


GWAINE: I failed.

PERCIVAL: No. You haven’t. [Gwaine slowly dies.]Gwaine! Gwaine!


[Merlin and Arthur ride along. Merlin looks back and Arthur is slumped over the side of his horse.]

MERLIN: Arthur! [Merlin dismounts and goes to Arthur. He straightens him up.]

ARTHUR: I can’t go on.

MERLIN: There’s not far to go. we need to reach the lake before dawn.

ARTHUR: No, Merlin. No.

MERLIN: All right. We rest for an hour.

[Morgana races through the trees.]

[FOREST] [There’s a fire going. Arthur is sitting against a log. Merlin gives Arthur some water.]

ARTHUR: Merlin, whatever happens…

MERLIN: Shh…don’t talk.

ARTHUR: I’m the King, Merlin. You can’t tell me what to do.

MERLIN: I always have. I’m not going to change now.

ARTHUR: I don’t want you to change. I want you…to always…be you. I’m sorry about how I treated you.

MERLIN: Does that mean you’re gonna give me a day off?


MERLIN: That’s generous. [Arthur’s head lolls and goes down. Merlin checks his pulse.]

MERLIN: Get some sleep.

[Morgana continues on.] ———–

[Merlin glances up at the moon. He goes to Arthur and wakes him up.]

MERLIN: Arthur. We need to get moving. [Arthur barely moves and Merlin shakes him.] Arthur. We’ve wasted enough time.


[Percival dismounts from his horse and looks at the tracks Morgana left.]


[Merlin and Arthur continue on. They stop again and Merlin helps Arthur forward to a log and sits him down. Avalon is in the distance.]

MERLIN: Avalon. We’ll get there. [Something spooks the horses and they take off. Merlin gets up and tries to stop them.]

MERLIN: Whoa, whoa, whoa. [Morgana comes up.]

MORGANA: Hello, Emrys. [Merlin goes to turn around. Morgana throws him with a flash of her eyes. Arthur tries to reach for his sword. Thinking that Merlin is unconscious she turns to Arthur.]

MORGANA: What a joy it is to see you, Arthur. Look at you, not so tall and mighty now. You may have won the battle, but you’ve lost the war. You’re going to die by Mordred’s hand. But don’t worry, my dear brother, I won’t let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you, [Merlin is behind Morgana. He draws Excalibur quietly.] until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bath in your blood.

MERLIN: No, the time for all this blood shed is over. [Morgana turns, stands and faces him.] I blame myself for what you’ve become…but this has to end.

MORGANA: I am a High Priestess. No mortal blade can kill me. [Merlin stabs her and she starts to feel the effect of the blade. Arthur looks on.]

MERLIN: This is no mortal blade. Like yours, it was forged in a dragon’s breath. [Merlin holds Morgana as she dies. He lowers her to the ground and withdraws the sword.]

MERLIN: Goodbye, Morgana. [She takes her final breath.] [Merlin goes to Arthur and helps him up.]

ARTHUR: You’ve brought peace at last.

MERLIN: Arthur. [Merlin supports Arthur as they walk. Arthur is dragging Excalibur.]

MERLIN: Come on. We have to make it to the lake. [Arthur drops to the ground landing on Merlin.]

ARTHUR: Merlin…not without the horses. We can’t, it’s too late. It’s too late.


ARTHUR: With all your magic, Merlin, and you can’t save my life.

MERLIN: I can. I’m not going to lose you. [Merlin struggles to stand to help Arthur. Arthur pats his hand.]

ARTHUR: Just, just hold me. Please. [Merlin stops trying to get up.]

ARTHUR: There’s something I want to say..

MERLIN: You’re going to say goodbye.

ARTHUR: No, Merlin…Everything you’ve done. I know now. For me, for Camelot. For the kingdom you helped me build…

MERLIN: You’d have done it without me.

ARTHUR: Maybe. I want to say…something I’ve never said to you before…[Arthur turns his head more and looks at Merlin.] Thank you.[Arthur reaches up and touches Merlin on the back of the head. His hand falls.]

MERLIN: Arthur…No! Arthur! [He feels his pulse.] Arthur! Arthur. Come on. [Merlin tries to move Arthur but can’t.] Arthur!

MERLIN: O drakon! E male so ftengometta tesd’hup’anankes! [Merlin manages to get out from underneath Arthur. He presses his forehead against Arthur’s. Kilgharrah arrives.]

MERLIN: Kilgharrah. I would not of summoned you, if there was any other choice. I have one last favor to ask. [Kilgharrah takes them to the lake. Merlin is dragging Arthur toward a small boat.] KILGHARRAH: Merlin. There is nothing you can do.

MERLIN: I’ve failed.

KILGHARRAH: No, young warlock, for all that you have dreamt of building, has come to pass.

MERLIN: I can’t lose him! He’s my friend!

KILGHARRAH: Though no man, no matter how great, can know his destiny, some lives have been foretold, Merlin…Arthur is not just a King-he is the Once and Future King. Take heart, for when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again. It has been a privilege to have known you, young warlock-the story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men. [Kilgharrah flies off. Merlin watches. He then lowers Arthur to the ground.] [Merlin stares out over the lake, holding Excalibur. He looks down at the sword, and then raises it up in front of him looking at it. Merlin then throws Excalibur into the lake and it is caught by Freya’s hand and drawn back under the water while he watches resignedly.] [Arthur is laid in a boat, his cloak arranged and his hands folded over his chest. Merlin places a hand on Arthur’s forehead. Merlin breaks down.]

MERLIN: Arthur. In sibbe gerest. [The boat sets off on the lake. Merlin watches, weeping.]


[Gwen sits on the throne, looking at the Royal Seal. Leon stands beside her. She lifts her head, looks at him and gives a slight nod. The knights, the council and the court members. Percival looks up.]

LEON: The King is dead. [Gaius and Gwen share a glance. Gwen looks back at Leon.]

LEON: Long live the Queen!

ALL: Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! [Gwen looks at everyone standing before her.] ————


[The pillar of stone that was the center of the Sidhe powers still stands but not like it did before. A truck rushes by, and an aged Merlin is seen walking past what was once the lake of Avalon, waiting for Arthur to rise as Kilgharrah told him he is destined to do.]

Source: Merlin Wiki