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In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.

[00:13, woods in Cenred’s kingdom. Knight of Camelot lie dead, including Sir Leon] —
[00:34, Council Chamber of Doom] Uther: It was Cenred who did this, you’re certain of it?
Arthur: Yes, My Lord. His messenger has only this minute departed Camelot. Cenred said that the patrol trespassed on his land and an example had to be made.
Uther: How many dead?
Arthur: All of them, Sire. Every last man.
Uther: The knights?
Arthur: All lost. Edric, Oldof, Osric, and Sir Leon.

[01:17, woods in Cenred’s kingdom] Druid: Here!
[The druids pick up Sir Leon] Iseldir: Quick! Help me. We do not have much time. Ready?

[01:48, Druid cave. The druids lay Sir Leon down on a blanket] Iseldir: His spirit leaves him. We must hurry.
Druids (chanting): Buthed gwared, hrag pob ailed, hrag pob evnis boyd un thilis. Buthed gwared, hrag pob ailed, hrag pob evnis boyd un thilis. Buthed gwared, hrag pob ailed, hrag pob evnis boyd un thilis. Buthed gwared…
Iseldir: Welcome back.

[03:08, Council Chamber of Doom] Arthur: We thought you were dead for sure.
Leon: I was dead, or as good as, until the druids found me.
Uther: Druids?
Leon: Yes, My Lord. I owe them my life.
Uther: How did they heal you? You were as good as dead, you said.
Leon: I don’t know.
Uther: Did they use magic?
Leon: Well, I…
Uther: Yes or no, it’s a simple enough question.
Leon: I only know that I drank from some kind of cup, Sire.
Uther: Cup?
Leon: It was extraordinary, My Lord. I have known nothing like it. From the moment it touched my lips, I could feel my life return to me.
Uther: Well, your trials have left you weary, I’m sure. We must let him rest.

[04:10, Sir Leon’s chambers. Gaius examines Sir Leon] Leon: Is that it?
Gaius: That’s it. He’s exhausted, Sire, and severely dehydrated, but given time he’ll make a full recovery.
Arthur: Thank you, Gaius.

[04:30, Phoenix corridor] Uther: Well?
Gaius: It’s remarkable, Sire. He bears no sign of any kind of wound. He’s in perfect health.
Uther: And the cup he spoke of?
Gaius: From his description, I would say it was the Cup of Life.
[Merlin looks at Gaius with surprise] Uther: You are aware of its power, Gaius.
Gaius: I am, indeed, Sire. But the druids are a peaceful people. They would only ever use the Cup for good. Sir Leon is surely proof of that.
Uther: Be that as it may, according to Sir Leon’s description, the druids’ cave lies within Cenred’s kingdom. It is imperative that we get to the Cup before he does.
Gaius: My Lord, druids are secretive by nature. They will have the Cup well hidden. Might it not be wise to leave it where it is?
Uther: I’m not prepared to take that risk.

[05:27, Physician’s Chambers] Merlin: I thought the Cup was destroyed with Nimueh when I defeated her on the Isle of the Blessed.
Gaius: The Cup cannot be destroyed. It’s magic is eternal, unbound by time or place.
Merlin: But why does Uther fear it so much?
Gaius: Because the Cup can be used for evil as well as good.
Merlin: I don’t understand.
Gaius: Many centuries ago, it fell into the possession of a great warlord. One night, he gathered his army before him. He took a drop of blood from each and every man and collected it in the Cup. Such was the vessel’s power that the soldiers were made immortal where they stood.
Merlin: So they could not be killed.
Gaius: The carnage they wrought was beyond all imagining. The King’s no fool. He knows that the forces of the Old Religion are rising against him once more. Heaven forbid that the Cup should fall into the hands of Morgause.
Merlin: Morgana.
Gaius: With Such a weapon at their disposal, Camelot would be all but lost.

[06:28, secluded corridor] Arthur: You called for me, Father?
Uther: Cenred is our sworn enemy. We cannot risk him getting his hands on the Cup of Life.
Arthur: I know, Father.
Uther: You must retrieve it. Your mission must remain secret; you can speak to no one of this.
[Morgana listens in nearby] Arthur: I will take only my most trusted men.
Uther: We’ve seen what happened to the last patrol that entered Cenred’s land. You must go alone. I’m sorry to place such a burden upon you, but there is no one else I can trust.
Arthur: I understand, Father.

[07:09, Arthur’s Chambers] Arthur: You will be ready by sunrise, won’t you Merlin?
Merlin: If I don’t know where we’re going, how do I know what to pack? Will it be hot? Will it be cold? Will it be wet? Will it be dry?
Arthur: Don’t be such a girl, Merlin. We’re not going on holiday.
Merlin: Holiday? What’s a holiday?
[Merlin begins to pack a red Camelot cape] Arthur: Not that. Nothing bearing the crest of Camelot. We’re going under cover.
Merlin: This is ridiculous. Are you going to tell me where we’re going or not?
Arthur: Well, I can tell you it will be dangerous
Merlin: Great.
Arthur: And I can tell you we will be travelling through bandit infested lands.
Merlin: Terrific. Then where?
Arthur: I can’t tell you that.
Merlin: You don’t know where we’re going.
Arthur: No, Merlin. I know where we’re going. It’s just, I can’t tell you, that’s all.
Merlin: Right, ’cause if you do, you’ll have to kill me, I suppose.
Arthur: Immediately and without hesitation.
Merlin: Great. It’ll be a surprise. I love surprises. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

[08:04, castle basement] Morgause: What is it you wanted to tell me, Sister?
Morgana: Arthur rides at dawn. He’s been sent to recover some kind of cup. The Cup of Life, they called it?
Morgause: The Cup of Life? Are you sure?
Morgana: I heard every word.
Morgause: How long I have searched for it.
Morgana: Is it as powerful as they believe?
Morgause: Oh, yes. Trust me, Sister, with the Cup in our possession, Camelot would soon be at our mercy. Where is the Cup now?
Morgana: It’s in the hands of the druids. All I know is that their camp lies within Cenred’s kingdom.
Morgause: Then perhaps Cenred will be of use to us again. He has spies everywhere. If he can have Arthur followed…
Morgana: Then Arthur will lead us all the way to the Cup itself.

[09:11, Morgana’s Chambers. Morgana watches Merlin and Arthur ride out of the Square] —
[09:19, Merlin and Arthur ride through the woods. Spies watch them and ride to Cenred’s castle] —
[09:40, Cenred’s throne room] Morgause: Which way was the Prince heading?
Rider: For the Forest of Essetir, My Lady.
Cenred: Send word to the scouts in the area; they must be prepared.
Rider: Yes, Sire.
Morgause: Can your scouts be relied upon?
Cenred: Of course. I handpicked them myself.
Morgause: Why does that not reassure me?
Cenred: Do not concern yourself, My Lady. The Cup of Life will soon be in our hands, and when it is, Camelot will be ours.
Morgause: You forget yourself, Cenred. It is Morgana that will take the throne, not you or I.
Cenred: I make no claim upon the throne, only the spoils of victory.
Morgause: You will get what you deserve, Cenred. I can assure you of that.

[10:29, woods] Merlin: We’re going to Cenred’s kingdom, aren’t we?
Arthur: What makes you say that?
Merlin: Er, we’re in the Forest of Essetir and we’re not stopping.
Arthur: You can think what you like, Merlin.
Merlin: Oh, come on. You might as well tell me.
Arthur: Then I’d have to kill you, I told you that.
Merlin: Go ahead. I mean, I’m probably going to die anyway. Look at what happened to the patrol that came here! Dead, the lot of them!
Arthur: Sir Leon survived.
Merlin: Right, so that gives me, what? A one in forty chance of making it?
Arthur: Rather less, actually. There are only two of us.
Merlin: So I’m not probably going to die, I’m definitely going to die.
Arthur: Always the pessimist, Merlin. Who knows, maybe, just this once, we’ll have no trouble.
[Arthur gets shot in the neck with a tranquiliser dart] Merlin: Maybe you’re right. If past experience is anything to go by.
[Merlin gets shot in the neck with a tranquiliser dart] —
[11:13, old bell tower. Arthur and a crowd of men look down on Merlin. Arthur slaps Merlin’s face to wake him up] Merlin: What was that you were saying about me being a pessimist?
Arthur: Must’ve slipped my mind.
[Arthur helps Merlin stand up. Gwaine comes up behind Arthur and puts a hand on Arthur’s shoulder. Arthur grabs Gwaine’s arm without looking] Arthur: Touch me again, you die.
Merlin: Gwaine?!
Gwaine: No manners you royals. Merlin, old friend, you look terrible.
Merlin: Likewise.
Arthur: What are you doing here?
Gwaine: Well, you know, wrong place, wrong time, wrong drink.
Arthur: Nothing’s changed there, then.
Gwaine: That’s just not fair.
Arthur: Where exactly are we?
Gwaine: The bell of an old castle. Belongs to a fellow names Jarl.
Arthur: Never heard of him.
Gwaine: Lovely bloke. Slave trader.
Merlin: We’re going to be sold as slaves?
Jarl: Right, you filthy vermin. Which one of you’s ready to face my champion in the arena? No volunteers? Well, I shall have to choose one of you toe rags myself, then. Let me see. How about you?
[Merlin looks around] Merlin: Me?
Jarl: Death or glory, boy. You should be honoured.
Arthur: Who is this so-called champion? Can he crush nothing but weaklings like this?
Jarl: You think you could offer a better contest?
Arthur: I guarantee it.
Merlin: Arthur, no.
Jarl: Very well. But if you lose, I’ll feed your little friend to the crows piece by stinking piece. Are you ready, my champion?
Gwaine: I am.

[12:59, Cenred’s throne room] Morgause: How could you let this happen? You let Arthur slip through your fingers.
Cenred: He was taken before my men could get to him.
Morgause: Taken? By whom exactly?
Cenred: The slave trader, Jarl. He’s been working our western border for months.
Morgause: And you let him?
Cenred: We have an understanding. He doesn’t bother me, and I don’t bother him.
Morgause: And where is this Jarl now?
Cenred: Don’t worry, Morgause. I’ll find him soon enough.
Morgause: See that you do.
Cenred: Are you threatening me?
Morgause: Trust me, Cenred, when I am threatening you, you’ll know about it.

[13:39, Jarl’s fortress. Cheering men push Gwaine and Arthur into the centre of the crowd] Jarl: Gentlemen, the rules are simple. One man lives and one man dies. If you cannot or will not finish off your opponent, I’ll kill you both.
[Jarl tosses swords at their feet] Jarl: Let battle commence!
[Gwaine and Arthur fight] Arthur: Take it easy, will you?
Gwaine: It’s got to look real, hasn’t it?
Arthur: Fine. If it’s real you want…
[Arthur and Gwaine continue fighting. They pause, drop their swords and wrestle to the ground] Arthur: So far, so good.
Gwaine: What happens next?
Arthur: Er…there was no next.
Jarl: Finish him!
Merlin: Forbaern aeltaewlice.
[Fire spreads along the ropes above and the crowd scatters. Gwaine, Arthur, and Merlin escape] —
[15:39, Gwaine, Arthur, and Merlin stop in the woods] Gwaine: Well, that’s somewhere I’ll not be in a hurry to see again.
Arthur: Best stay out of trouble, then.
Gwaine: I could say the same to you.
Merlin: You could do, but I wouldn’t have any idea what you’re talking about.
Gwaine: Oh, come on. You must have done something to end up in a hole like that.
Arthur: Actually, we’re on a quest.
Merlin: We’re looking for the Cup of Life.
[Arthur smacks the back of Merlin’s head] Merlin: Ow. What?!
Arthur: What part of the word “secret” did you not understand?
Merlin: It…Gwaine.
Gwaine: Gentlemen. Gentlemen. It seems whatever it is that you’re after, you could use a little help.

[16:27, the bell tower fortress] Jarl: No one makes a fool of Jarl. No one. I want to know who they are and where they’re hiding!
Bandit: My Lord.
[The bandit brings Arthur’s bag] Jarl: What’s that?
Bandit: It was confiscated from the prisoners, My Lord. It may hold some clues.
Jarl: I don’t want clues. I want blood!
[Jarl empties the bag and finds nothing. He throws the bag to the floor and it jingles. Jarl cuts open the inside and finds coins and a sealed note] Jarl: Well, well, well. It seems we were entertaining royalty. *Muahahaha*

[17:27, woods] Gwaine: So according to Merlin here, if you tell me where this Cup is, you have to kill me.
Arthur: That’s correct.
Gwaine: You may as well tell me, then. I mean, let’s be honest, you couldn’t kill me even if you wanted to.
Arthur: Yeah? Try me.
Gwaine: I already did. Back in the arena. I had you banged to rights, did I not?
Arthur: That was just a game.
Gwaine: Oh, a game, right. I won that game, did I not?
Arthur: No, you didn’t. One more minute…
Gwaine: Oh, you flatt…
Merlin: One more minute and you both would’ve been dead. Neither of you won. You’re plan was a half-baked disaster, and if it was not for that fire we would all be pushing up daisies.

[18:05, Cenred’s throne room] Cenred: You’re certain it was Arthur?
Jarl: Oh, yes. It was the Prince, alright. Matched your description exactly. Had his servant with him. Him and another man.
Morgause: And you have proof of this?
Cenred: Where were they headed?
Jarl: West to the Forest of Gedney. They’ve no horses. Their tracks told us as much. You’ll soon run ’em down.
Cenred: Excellent.
Jarl: Always glad to be of help to, er, people of qualities such as yourselves. Perhaps some small compensation for my, er, time and trouble?
Morgause: Oh, my dear man, how remiss of me. You will have your reward this instant.
[Morgause kills Jarl by throwing him into a wall with magic] —
[19:00, outside the druid cave] Merlin: Well, don’t tell me. We’re actually here.
Gwaine: Easy, Merlin. Wouldn’t want to rile the Prince.
[Arthur, Gwaine, and Merlin enter the cave] Arthur: It has to be here somewhere.
[Arthur sheaths his sword. He sees a cloth move and pulls a small druid boy out of hiding] Arthur: Where is it? Hmm? Where’s the Cup? Tell me.
Merlin: Let him go, Arthur. He’s just a boy.
Arthur: Where is it?
[Druids surround them] Merlin: Arthur.
[Gwaine draws his sword] Arthur: Stay out of this, Merlin.
Merlin: No, Arthur, really.
[Arthur looks up and pulls his sword on the boy] Arthur: One step closer…
Iseldir: There is no need for violence, Arthur Pendragon. The boy has done you no harm. Release him.
Arthur: Not without what I came for.
Iseldir: You seek the Cup of Life, do you not?
Arthur: I do.
[Iseldir pulls out the Cup] Iseldir: It is yours. Please, now, the boy.
[Arthur lets the boy go and grabs the Cup, but Iseldir doesn’t let go] Iseldir: You mettle with a power you do not understand, Arthur Pendragon. By taking the Cup of Life you risk more than you know.
Arthur: I’ll take my chances, thanks. Let’s go.
[Arthur, Gwaine, and Merlin turn to leave] Iseldir (telepathy): Emrys.
[Merlin turns and looks at Iseldir] Iseldir (telepathy): The Cup is in your care now. Guard it well. The future of this land depends on it.

[21:45, woods] Gwaine: Hard work this quest business.
Arthur: Trust me, it’s a great deed we did here today.
Merlin: Are you sure the Cup wasn’t safer with the druids?
Arthur: They can’t be trusted, Merlin. No one can. The only safe place for the Cup is the vaults of Camelot.
Merlin: Yeah, but we have to get it there first.
[Cenred watches them with his soldiers] Cenred: Get the Cup. Then kill them.
Arthur: We’re approaching the border of Cenred’s lands. Beyond the forest lies Camelot.
Gwaine: And food and water and a nice hot bath.
Arthur: Quiet. Listen.
Merlin: I don’t hear anything.
Arthur: Exactly.
Gwaine: Never satisfied, you city types. It’s too noisy, it’s too quiet…
[Cenred’s men jump out of hiding] Arthur: Run!
[A soldier chasing Arthur shoots him in the leg with a crossbow. Arthur falls unconscious. The soldier takes the Cup from Arthur’s bag. Merlin uses magic to knock the soldier back, but the Cup goes flying too and drops into the hands of Cenred’s men below] Gwaine: Merlin?!

[23:28, night time in the woods. Gwaine and Merlin inspect Arthur’s wound] Gwaine: Right. That doesn’t look too great.
Merlin: Arrow must’ve been poisoned. He’s got a fever, we need to keep him warm.
Gwaine: I don’t get it. Why all this bother over a cup?
[Merlin puts his jacket over Arthur] Merlin: Because in the wrong hands it can become a terrible weapon.
Gwaine: Not so great Cenred’s got it, then.
Merlin: It’s worse than you can possibly imagine.

[23:56, Cenred’s castle. Morgause and Cenred bring the Cup before his army] Cenred: Loyal friends, our time is at hand. From today no sword will fell you, no spear will stop you short. Your blood will not be spilled in vain, but in victory. You march with the mightiest weapon of them all: immortality.
Morgause: *spell*
[Morgause cuts a soldier’s hand and pours the blood into the Cup] —
[25:20, Council Chamber of Doom] Uther: Arthur should be back by now.
Leon: I’m sure there’s a simple explanation, Sire.
Uther: You know as well as I do he’s been gone too long. Take a patrol, as many men as you need. Whatever it takes, find him.
Leon: Yes, Sire.
[Leon leaves] Morgana: You show great strength, My Lord.
Uther: What do you mean?
Morgana: Day after day you must send your only son into danger.
Uther: Not a responsibility any father would wish to bear.
Morgana: You must try not to worry. He’s the First Knight of Camelot and your greatest warrior. He’s made it home safe in the past. Why should this time be any different?
Uther: You’re right. Of course you are.

[26:16, campsite] Merlin: We need more firewood.
Gwaine: You’re right about that.
Merlin: Do you want to go and get some?
Gwaine: Not really. Thanks for asking.
Merlin: There’s wolves out there, bears, boars…
Gwaine: Exactly.
Merlin: I’m not a warrior, I can’t defend myself like you.
Gwaine: Never too late to learn. Merlin, don’t you know when someone’s joking with you?
[Merlin lets out a puff of laughter] Gwaine: If I die collecting firewood, keep it to yourself. I got my reputation to consider.
[Gwaine walks off. Merlin kneels over Arthur, who is shivering with a fever] Merlin: Geh’ælan . Geh’ælan. Come on. Arthur, come on.

[27:41, Cenred’s castle. Cenred and Morgause watch the immortal army depart] Cenred: Magnificent, aren’t they? My army of immortals.
Morgause: Your army?
Cenred: Well, they are my men.
Morgause: Correction: they were your men. It is I that made them immortal. They are bound to me now.
Cenred: Do not think for one moment that you can cross me, My Lady.
Morgause: Cross you? Never. *spell*
[A soldier in the room lifts his sword] Cenred: What are you doing?
Morgause: Have I not always been honest with you, Cenred?
[Cenred draws his sword] Cenred: Stop. Stop, you answer to me not to her.
[Cenred runs the soldier through with a sword, but the man does not fall] Cenred: Morgause. Morgause, make him stop. Make him stop!
[The soldier disarms Cenred and knocks him to the floor] Morgause: Did I not say that, when I threatened you, you’d know about it?
[The soldier raises his sword] Morgause: Well, now you know.
Cenred: Morgause, please…!
[The soldier runs Cenred through] —
[28:54, Knights of Camelot see Morgause’s army marching through a valley] Leon: My God. Alright, come on.
[The knights run back on foot, but mounted soldiers come after them. Leon unhorses a soldier, but the soldier doesn’t die when Leon runs him through with a sword. Leon flees] —
[29:57, campsite. Arthur coughs awake] Arthur: Where’s the Cup?
[Merlin wakes. Gwaine wakes, batting his eyelashes] Arthur: Where’s the Cup?
Merlin: Cenred’s men, they took it.
Arthur: Then what are we still doing here?!
Merlin: You were unconscious.
Arthur: Always an excuse, Merlin.
[Arthur tries to get up, but yells in pain. Merlin and Gwaine get up to help him] Arthur: We have to get back to Camelot before it’s too late

[30:37, Council Chamber of Doom] Uther: We must convene the Council of War.
Leon: They cannot be stopped. The soldiers, Sire, they will not fall.
Uther: What are you saying?
Leon: They will not die.
Uther: Gather the knights. Prepare whatever defences you can.
Leon: But Sire…
Uther: Do it!
[Morgana smirks. Leon bows and exits with court members. Uther turns to Gaius] Uther: Cenred. It must be. How? The location of the Cup was secret.
Gaius: There’s only one explanation, Sire. We have a traitor in our midst.

[31:17, Camelot’s army prepares for war] —
[31:43, Morgana’s Chambers. Gwen shakes her head as she watches the gathering immortal army. Morgana enters] Morgana: Gwen?
Gwen: Is it true they attack at dawn?
Morgana: I’m afraid so.
Gwen: And no word from Arthur?
Morgana: Nothing.
Gwen: Then all is lost. We’ll be massacred, every last one of us.
Morgana: Not everyone has to die.
Gwen: What do you mean not everyone?
Morgana: Those that defy them, those that choose to fight, they will surely die. But those who do not resist, those that choose to welcome change, they will have a future here. Everyone has a choice, Gwen.
Gwen: You know I have always been loyal to you, Morgana. And I always will be.
[Morgana smiles and takes her hands] Morgana: Then have no fear. No harm will come to you, I promise you that.
[Gwen smiles and nods. Morgana hugs her. Gwen looks uneasy, Morgana smirks out at the army] —
[33:11, Gwaine and Merlin walk over a hill, Arthur limps. They stop when they see a burning village] Gwaine: What the hell happened?
Arthur: I don’t know. We need to hurry. We’re still a day’s march from Camelot.

[33:30, Gwaine, Arthur, and Merlin find fallen knights of Camelot] Arthur: Camelot patrol.
Merlin: There’s not a single enemy body.
Arthur: He’s right. This wasn’t a fight, this was a slaughter.
Gwaine: Who could’ve done such a thing?
Arthur: An army of men that cannot die. Come on.

[34:02, Arthur, Gwaine, and Merlin climb over another hill to find smoke rising from Camelot. The walk to the castle is strewn with bodies of Camelot’s army] Arthur: They never stood a chance.

[34:39, Lower Town. Bodies are strewn through the street. Arthur struggles to open Gwen’s front door] Gwaine: Here, let me.
[Gwaine kicks the door in. Elyan jumps up with a battle cry, Arthur and Gwaine take defensive stances] Merlin: Elyan!
Elyan: I’m sorry.
Arthur: Where is everyone?
Elyan: I- I thought that…
Arthur: Elyan, please, What happened?
Elyan: They came out of nowhere, a mighty army. Weapons were useless against them. Th-they were men, Sire, but not men. Nothing could kill them. Nothing.
Arthur: Wh, Where’s your sister? Where’s Guinevere?
Elyan: She was in the citadel when they attacked.
Arthur: Then there’s still hope.
Elyan: Sire, the citadel’s been taken.
[Arthur, Gwaine, Merlin, and Elyan exit Gwen’s house, Arthur limping badly] Arthur: Let’s go.
Elyan: How much longer can he keep going like this?
Merlin: I don’t know.

[36:16, the citadel. Arthur pauses in a corridor, struggling to stand] Gwaine: Where now?
Arthur: Now, er… Now we, er…
Merlin: Arthur, you can’t go on.
Arthur: We must. We must find the others…
Merlin: You can’t go on without treatment.
Arthur: …Guinevere and my father.
Merlin: Elyan.
Elyan: Yeah?
Merlin: Do you know your way to the dungeons?
Elyan: Yeah, I think so.
Merlin: Go with Gwaine. See if you can find them.
Arthur: I’m going with them.
Merlin: No, you’re not.
Arthur: That’s an order.
Merlin: No, to hell with your orders. You’re coming with me.
[Merlin puts Arthur’s arm around his shoulder and drags him down the corridor] —
[37:14, Physician’s Chambers] Arthur: You’re disobeying orders, Merlin. I’ll have you in the stocks for this.
Merlin: Fine. Now, stay put and try not to move that leg.
[Merlin looks for a potion, but hears a rattling in the cupboard. He picks up Arthur’s sword and goes to check it out. Merlin yanks the door open] Merlin: Gaius!
Gaius: Merlin!
[Merlin and Gaius hug] Merlin: Are you alright?
Gaius: All the better for seeing you.
[Arthur groans] Gaius: Arthur.
Merlin: I tried to heal him using magic, but it didn’t work.
[Gaius nods and goes to Arthur] Gaius: This may hurt a bit, Sire.
[Gaius inspects the wound] Arthur: Ah.
Gaius: The wound’s infected. I’ll have to redress the leg to reduce the inflammation.
Arthur: No, no, no, no. We haven’t got time. Just give me something to keep going.
Gaius: Yes, Sire.
Merlin: It’s the army of immortals, isn’t it?
Gaius: We’ll be lucky to get away with our lives, any of us.

[38:29, Dungeons. Gwaine and Elyan peek around the corner to see Uther being dragged out of a cell by immortal soldiers] Uther: Where are you taking me? I am the King! I demand to know!

[Merlin’s Chamber. Merlin pulls his magic book and the Avalon water vial from the floorboard under his bed and packs it in a bag.

[38:52, Physician’s Chambers. Gaius hands Arthur a potion] Gaius: The effect will be instant, Sire, but I cannot guarantee how long it’ll last.
Arthur: Thank you, Gaius.
[Gwaine and Elyan enter] Elyan: The King, Sire, he’s alive.
Arthur: Where is he?
Gwaine: They’re taking him to the throne room as we speak.
Arthur: This may be my last chance.
Merlin: Arthur, there’s too many of them. You’ll never make it.
Arthur: I won’t leave my father to die here alone. Gwaine, Elyan, take Gaius and make your way to the woods beyond the castle. I hope we meet again.
[Gwaine, Elyan, and Gaius leave] Arthur: Merlin, you should go with them.
Merlin: Nah, I’ve seen the woods already.
[Arthur grabs Merlin’s shoulder with a smile and the two of them sneak through the corridors. Arthur stumbles on their way out of hiding] Merlin: Are you alright?
Arthur: Keep moving.

[39:47, Merlin and Arthur crawl to the edge of the balcony above the Throne Room. Immortal soldiers force Uther to his knees in front of Morgause] Morgause: Well, Uther, how the mighty have fallen.
[Arthur makes a furious move, but Merlin grabs him] Merlin (whisper): The guards are immortal, they’ll cut you to ribbons! What use are you dead?
Morgause: I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore.
[Moraguse removes Uther’s crown] Uther: This is unlawful. You cannot do this. You have no right to the throne!
Morgana: No, she does not. But I do. I am your daughter, after all. Don’t look so surprised. I’ve known for some time.
[Shock dawns on Arthur’s face. Morgana sits on the throne. Morgause nods to a soldier, and the soldier shoves Geoffrey of Monmouth forward, the queen’s crown in his hands] Geoffrey: By the power vested in me, I crown thee Morgana Pendragon, Queen of Camelot.
[Immortal soldiers push Uther into a bow. Morgana and Morgause smirk. Arthur watches in horror]

Source: Transcribed Film and TV Scripts