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The key ceramics used as matrices are silicon carbide, alumina, silicon nitride, mullite, and various cements.
Molding at a high temperature improves the gloss and heat resistance of the product whereas molding at a low temperature is where the highest impact resistance and strength are obtained.
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Flory suggested that as the molecular chain becomes more rodlike, a critical aspect ratio is reached, above which the molecules necessarily line up to pack efficiently in three dimensions.
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When a thermoplastic is softened by heat, it can then be shaped by extrusion, molding, or pressing.
Polyurethane Powder Coatings and Functional Coatings.
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Parts are dimensionally stable and structurally sound, and can be processed at low pressures and viscosities with reinforcing composites such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar to produce an incredibly strong, durable material.
Another component polyvinyl chloride: thermoplastic polyurethane foam cups, stiffness and transformed through compression set and uses and composites in a brief list showing how can be heated.
Plastic milk jugs are an example of homopolymer HDPE.

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