Merlin’s Myth and Magic has been undergoing a lot of transformations this year. Not only has it got a completely new Lay-out with new looks. It has also reopened the community sector.

Sign up and become part of the new Merlin Fandom only Community. A place to remember and share how much we miss these series how much they have and still mean to us. Or simply hang out to meet new fellow Merlinians.

But this weeks update is about the Picture Galleries. As you may have noticed the picture galleries have been a little difficult to reach. This because I have been busy reorganizing the pictures of the actor galleries in projects. While moving other galleries around and creating a complete new overview page.

New galleries have been added, among which “Morgause”, “Adult Mordred”, “Agravaine” and “Geoffrey of Monmouth (librarian)”. Also each actor gallery belonging to these characters have been uploaded and added to the pictures page. Guest stars are not up yet but will be added as soon as possible as well.

But for now both the “Main Characters and Main Actors” along with “Recurring Characters and Recurring Actors” are both back online.

Upcomming next are; Guest Actors gallery, Guest Characters gallery, Episode Captures and Episode Stills.

Feel free to leave a comment in the form below for request, comments, anything really!