And it’s time for another update! Here are the latest additions to Myth and Magic.


The internet is in a hype with the succes of Colin Morgan in his new Play the Tempest @ The Globe in London.
Many fans have written how much they loved the play and how well Colin and his co-stars did.

The Colin Morgan Actor gallery has therefor been updated with new images, of Colin Morgan behind the scenes and on the stage. Please keep in mind I do not own any of the images. The © still belongs to their rightful owners I am merely sharing them from fans for fans.

Colin Morgan @ The globe 2013


The Fanart galleries have been updated by a Great deal as well, over 500 new images from artist like Angellla29 also known as Hellkobra, Nicole Lohmar, Wil1969 and many others. So be sure to check out the fanart galleries.

Next to the update of the excisting Fanart galleries we have a new member to welcome.

CATO is a very talented artist who has granted me the honor to post her works here on this page. You can find the new gallery here at Cato’s ArtGallery.


More Fanfics have been added to some of the already excisting writers, and new writers have been added. If you are a fanfic writer and would like to receive more reviews or just like to publicize your fanfic for more people to be able to find it. You can send me a message and I’ll be glad to add a link to your story on the page.

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