Okay so since the last time I posted I have been working on improving the website.
I had said the website to go offline, but it only was for 10 minutes haha so I doubt anyone really noticed.
I have however taken down the Community Website “The round Table” because it was simply not being used anyway.
Therefor the Games, Forum and Chat have been taken offline for the time being.
I will implement them eventually again in this page.

So what’s been changed since the last time?


As you might have already noticed the Main Top menu has been changed, this to implement the future fanfics.
Now you can find Videos, Pictures, Information all in their own menu.

The biggest change is probably the merging of the Episode Guides, and the Episode Gallery. No more seperate pages, each episode has it’s own page with the gallery and the guide on it.

Also at the bottom of the page under the Episodes you can now find Links to pages that have streaming possibilities to watch the episodes online.

If you use these, please take in consideration that streaming is a form of piracy. I understand not everyone can immediatly afford to buy the DVD’s but keep in mind that if you watch them online, that the appropriate thing to do is also buy the DVD boxes. You can find links of where to buy the boxes in the Merchandise section of the page.


The homepage will still be changing, I have made the graphics used on it myself this time. To make sure they are unique. I don’t mind if they are shared as long as you post a credit link back to my page.

Because making the logo has taken up a lot of my time.

What’s New

The what’s new page remains mostly the same, you can check the newest articles, videos and pictures on this page.
I have removed these features from the homepage because the page was becoming too crowded and took too long to load. So if you’re a regular and just want to see what’s new since the last time. What’s New is the page to visit 😉

The cast

As the series has officially ended I have started focussing also more on individual news of the cast members. Several Biographies were already to be found here and many more are still to come.

I have added more cast members to the cast page, right now every person to have a role ever in Merlin has been added.
Their Biographies and picture galleries will follow asap so stay tuned for more!

Also the articles, interviews, reviews and previews have been moved under the cast and can now be found there in the menu. Previews for Merlin will not be added anymore as the series ended, however I decided to keep the catagorie for previews of the actors future jobs.

The Series

General information about the series Merlin can be found under The series, I have added several informative links to the Merlin wikipedia, Merlin Wikia, Merlin on ImDb and some other very good informative websites to get you the information you are looking for about the series.

Also the episodes can now be found under the series, the episode gallery and guide can be directly accessed from that menu point.


As you have noticed probably there is a new Menu point called Fanfics, currently it will just lead you to a page showing what kind of fictions will be added in the future as I am still working on this feature.

If you have read a fanfiction and you think it is totally awesome and has to be shared with other fans, feel free to leave me a message containing the following information:






Link to the fiction:

I will save the information and get in contact with the Author to ask for permission to post a link to their fanfic on my page. This way it will become easier for fans to search fanfics on any of their criteria on one page.


The Pictures menu has stayed mostly the same, you can still check out the official galleries of the episodes, actors or characters or chose to have a look at the massive Fanart Gallery.

All Fanarts are posted with permission of their owner, so should you want to share the image on your own fanpage. Please make sure you DO post the credit link with it. Because if you do not this is seen as theft.

The Layout from the galleries has slightly changed however. The flash slideshow is no longer, this because Flash is not supported in some browsers or needs a seperate plugin installed. Some plugins even block the flash player for faster page load. The slideshow possibility however is still there, because if you click on the thumbnail you will have a “Play” function at the bottom of the picture.

For those interested in the details, this has been replaced by Highslide Javascript, which is not only more browser friendly but also Mobile and Tablet supportive. So slideshows can now also be watched on those devices.

The amount of images shown on the single pages has also been edited to fit with the new page width.

Since the last time I have added several Actor galleries, however there are still more to come in the future.

Season 5 remains in it’s own gallery for the time being, just as the NTA Award’s gallery. However these will eventually be merged into the main galleries after season 5 has finished airing everywhere. This is done to make sure that the people who wish to remain spoiler free have that chance.


The video’s gallery has also changed seperating the official video’s like interviews, dvd specials and the episodes.

Keep in mind that I do not host the episodes myself, as this is illegal and it a breach of copyright.
However for those who are not able to watch the series perhaps because their country does not air it and have no possibility to watch the series therefor. I have added several links to pages that do stream the episodes.

Because I believe it is wrong for whatever reason for a goverment to decide what we get or do not get to watch.

The fanvideos remain at their normal place, the beautiful new image to enter the Alternate Universe Videos has been contributed by ErinNovelist. So thank you Erin!

For now I have kept the interviews in one gallery, however as it has grown rather large I will in future sort the interviews by actor.


The Links library is still a very unique feature of this page. Where fans can add their own fanpages to the Links of this page. You do not have to be the owner of the page to submit a link. If you think you know a good page which hasn’t been listed yet just go to the library and submit the links. The intention of this feature is to work together to create the biggest Link archive containing Merlin links all over the net.

For facebook fanpages it is also very useful to be linked on this page because it gives them the chance to be found in search engines. As search engines do not find Facebook Fanpages normally. So be sure to submit!


Well I’ve already written a complete book it seems about the changes on the page. I hope I didn’t bore you too much with it. And hopefully in the future you will also keep visiting my page.

Made by ErinNovellist