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Only 4 days left this year. On 24th of December 2012, BBC one aired the heartbreaking finale of Merlin.

I will not post the ending in this post because some of you have not seen the episodes yet.

But I will say this, even when I decided not to watch it because I was worried it would ruin my jolly spirit for christmas. The reactions alone from the fans all over the world were enough to break my heart.


Fanart Galleries

So enough sad news, here’s to the happy news. We are having a major explosion of new Beautiful Fanarts, giving me the oppertunity to update the Fanart Galleries with even more wonderful works.

Here are the galleries that have been updated since the last SiteNews.

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No more Merlin

Also I can announce that by now there has been enough information released to be sure to say this was indeed the end. There will be no spin offs with the original cast. Allthough Shine has uttered an interest into keeping the show alive trough a spin off, of which the details were not released, the cast Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath have expressed they are pleased with seeing the show trough till the end but are up for new challenges now.

To the question if we can expect a Merlin movie somewhere in the future, Colin Morgan has added that he himself would not want to make them because they would in fact bring only dissapointment to the fans. Therefor IF there is any plans for movies still they would be without our boy genius and in my opinion nobody can compare to Colin Morgan’s performances as Merlin. As the producers are obviously aware of this, so I think it’s sure to say no movies will be made. Julian and Johnny have already moved on to their new project.

The “rumor” of season 6 as Colin Morgan stated, although we all know Julian and Johnny said there would be one, was never more than just a rumor. Most likely what has really happened is that our Prince Bradley James, did not receive enough challenge from playing his character and therefor never intended to do a 6th season. In several interviews which you can watch on the video page. There are hints at the slight displeasure and unsatisfied opinions of the actors.

Still I believe we owe the entire cast a HUGE thank you for giving us these wonderfull 5 years of entertainment. And although the last season has not been quite as satisfying as they might have believed it to be. I will never forget this show!


Myth and Magic continues

The page Myth and Magic will continue to exist, following the seperate careers of our young actors as they continue their adventures. You will still find new Fanarts here as long as the fans will keep making them, and don’t forget to add your Fanpage link to the Link Library on the Links Page!

I hope you fans will keep visiting the page, and if you want to know anything! Send me a comment 😉