Hey everyone,

As some of you might have noticed I have made several changes to the website again. For one I changed the template from the website adding a background image made by me personally. I have not changed the navigation so it would avoid confusion. So everything is still where you’re used to finding it.

Also I have been readjusting the thumbnail sizes and layouts from all the galleries for which some of the galleries had been taken down for a day or two. However ALL galleries are back up and running.
Sometimes Flickr, the image hosting I use, has some trouble loading all the images at once so you might get the message on top of the gallery “Image *.jpg cannot be loaded” don’t panic it’s just a very small glitch and easily fixed if you just refresh the page.

The galleries should be loading faster now because of the use of a new cache memory. So I hope you guys will still enjoy the images. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to adding new images however next Sunday will be another Fan-art update.

Feel free to leave me a message in the comment section if you have any suggestions, complaints etc…