Hey Everyone,

Sorry I’m one day late but as promised another update for this week.

Saturday I had already updated the website with a gorgeous new Fanart Gallery.

Today I give you something new entirely. Check out the fanfiction recommendation page!

Upgraded with a whole new system to sort the recommendations on this page by genre, title, author or rating.
Or any combination of those.

Also check out the new improved navigation of the site. Still looks the same only better!

More clarity, better looking and faster navigation through the large variation the site offers.

Stay tuned for more updates, what’s coming next? Episode stills, episode captures, reorganisation of the character and actor galleries. More Biographies coming up as well, news about what the cast is doing next and so much more.

Feel free to join the community, recommend your favorite fanartist and writers. Share your own works, or just meet fellow Melinians who haven’t given up on the series even when it’s been nearly 2 years now since Merlin ended.