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Today another 53 new images have been added to the collection of the wonderful artists. Make sure to check out the Merthur and Adult gallery for which you have to be a member though. And also Angellla and Nicole’s artgallery have been updated. Many new images to enjoy!

News update Katie McGrath

I’ve posted 2 new articles for you to enjoy concearning Katie McGrath’s acting career. Katie has recently appeared in the series “Dates” and will appear in October this year in the series “Dracula”. Find out more by reading the articles posted in the news section.

Merthur fanfic recommendations

This time I have focussed on M rated Merthur fanfictions which have been recommended by my friend ‘Forbearnan’ from the heart of Camelot. Be sure to check out the Fanfic section to see what new fanfic has been added.

If you wish to make a recommendation, be sure to send me a msg!