Hi everyone!

So it’s the 3rd sunday of the month already and it’s time for another sitenew update.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit out of the weather lately so I haven’t been doing as much as I had hoped to do by this time.


But I’ve added several new fanarts again for you.

Here’s a list of the updated fanart galleries

  • Yogreni
  • Merthur
  • Nicole’s
  • Adult
  • Alby’s
  • Gl30

I’ve also added several new videos to the Merthur and Mergana galleries.



I’ve also noticed many many fans are expressing their unsatisfaction about the ending of Merlin season 5 and the news that there will not be a spin off or season 6 nor a movie.

I’m fine with everyone expressing their feelings, since I’m not exactly 100% pleased with the ending myself and am sad to see our brilliant crew part their ways. But please try to keep it civilized…no cursing or bashing because I will remove your message if you do that.

This is a fansite which has been adressed before by the BBC publicity about the season 5 images. Meaning that it’s on the radar, I would hate to get into trouble with the BBC because of the comments on the site. So expressing your anger or dissapointment is fine but do it in a civil way.



So it’s been 4 weeks now since the finale aired, so far we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Alexander Vlahos return in Privates in which he did another brilliant job in my opinion.

We’ve also been informed by the BBC that our star Colin Morgan will be returning to the screen for a minor role in the new BBC Drama Quirke. Quirke started shooting in Dublin, Ireland in 2012 and will be finishing up soon. Colin Morgan will appear in the 3rd episode as the “bad guy” Jimmy Manor.

Unfortunately I have not been able to track down any new information on current projects for Bradley James or Katie McGrath.


Birthday Events!

John Hurt however will be joining a new event on his Birthday, which is very soon by the way, the 22nd of January. He has been an actor for over 50 years now. John hurt will be 73 years old!

Ofcourse Myth and Magic will again offer you the possibility to adress your happy birthday wishes to John Hurt. So you can write your comments, post your fanarts, etc for him on the Events Page!


Well that’s the end of our weekly update! Thank you all for reading and visiting my page, should you have any requests, comments, suggestions you can always leave me a message 😀