So it’s that time again! Time for an update on what is new around here.
Let’s start with the video galleries. Several tribute videos were added putting new videos on the first page like always ofcourse. So it’s worth to have a look. Should you know other good video’s that are not in my gallery send me a message 😀
You can reach me by email or just send me the link trough the shoutbox. I’ll watch it and add it to the gallery. Please be aware that the videos do not have direct credit links, but this is because you can easily click the Youtube button right below in the videos to see who has made it. So it would be a little double to put them under every video here as well.

Next update is the fanart gallery, there are several new fanarts mady by Angellla29, Lsxsllxl, VeilaKs and some newly added to the Merthur gallery. To enter the Merthur or Adult Gallery you will have to register. But this is very easy, just click on the login with facebook button above the sign in form left on the page. Should you not have facebook, you can use Yahoo, Twitter and OpenID and Google as well. And if you should be totally anti Social Media you can also just press the sign up button and register a completely new account.

Registering with the page does not give you emails automatically on every new post, to receive a weekly email from the page on what is newly posted you will have to use the subscribe button and register your email address. All email addresses are saved in a database with my hosting provider and will not be used for anything else!

Also a major update on the actor galleries, new images from Colin, Bradley, Katie and Angel have been added.

Well I chattered your ears off enough already, basic point is have a look around there is plenty for everyone!