And it’s sunday again! Time for another update to the sitenews.

Let’s see what have I done this week.

Birthday Events

After 1st of Januari it was Colin Morgan’s Birthday I have now added the birthday’s of many other cast members to the Calender.

So you can see for yourself when the next event is, to congratulate our lovely actors. The next upcomming Birthday is from our Dragon 😉 John Hurt has his birthday on 22nd of januari.

News Articles

I have added a few new articles concerning the ending of Merlin after season 5.

I am still receiving daily, many questions about why Merlin has ended, and decided to shed some light on the past happenings as to why Merlin’s season 5 finale will be the end of Merlin.

I understand many fans wish to express their dissapointment about this, and you can keep doing so in the comment sections if you wish. But I will not be personally responding anymore to each and every fan just saying season 5 can’t be the end.

It is, the cast has decided it was time to move on. So must we…

Fanart Galleries

We have a new member in our midst, I’d like to welcome DayDream-x and thank her for letting me publish her beautyful artwork in yet another Fanart Gallery.

The following Fanart Galleries have also been updated:

  • Yogreni’s
  • Merthur
  • T-luminareth’s
  • Nicole’s
  • Gl30’s
  • FlomaCaroon’s
  • Mouses’s
  • Artydesk’s
  • DavidoFF’s