Another Update to the Actor Galleries, new images have been added for Colin Morgan @ Tempest, Mojo and Stage door.
New images have been added for Katie McGrath @ No Cigar Magazine Photoshoot and her new show Dracula.
Extra Images have been added to Angel Coulby @ Dancing on the Edge TV Show. And New Images have been added to the Emelia Fox Galleries. Showing a red carpet entrance and several from her new TV Appearances.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! Please keep in mind I take no credit for any of the images. I apologize if I did not edit credit links for every fanphotograph. I left the signatures on the pictures so you can see who made them. But there are just too many of them to edit each and every single one to add a Tumblr link. Should you feel offended in any way and really want a credit link with them leave me a comment or send me a message I will add the link or remove the image as to your choice.