Here’s another update on the changes of the site.

Video Gallery

Unfortunately the Video Gallery have a small problem so the thumbnail gallery is not working for the time being. I’m working on a solution at the moment. However the video flash player still works fine so all videos can be accessed from there.

Therefor the trouble for the users should not be very big 🙂

New Interviews with the cast members have been added about the ending of series 5.

Fanart Gallery

I’d like to welcome several new Fanartist to the site; Amphigoury’s ArtGallery, Anthony258’s ArtGallery, Helfai’s ArtGallery, Piratefairy’s ArtGalleryand Waywardqueen’s ArtGallery.

Also the main, Fanart Page has been updated with the new galleries.


Several new interviews and articles have been added surrounding the ending of season 5. The ending of Merlin in general and the chances of follow up. So far it seems it will be a definate ending since all the cast members have explained that the ending of series 5 provides a proper ending for each and every character.