So what’s new pussycat!

Fanart Update

Fanarts I tell ya! Lots of new Fanarts, so here are the Galleries that have been updated.

With a big Thank you for all the lovely artist’s who have provided us with new images to enjoy.

Angellla29, Wil1969 , T-luminareth, sxsllxl, Itzcoatl , new Merthur images, more Adult content added, Nicole and Artydesk.

All the artists above have worked hard so feel free to leave them a message below their galleries or visit the credit page to contact them directly.

Do NOT repost these images without credits! Or I will come after you muahahahah

Video Updates

New videos have been added to the crossovers, Merthur and Interviews.

Check out the latest Interview with Colin Morgan on ITV “This morning”!

Colin @ The Globe’s tempest

New article published with a summary of the many reviews and comments so far on Colin’s new gig.

Episode Guides and Galleries

An ananomous fan was so kind to point me to the fact that the links had been sort of screwd up from the Episode Scripts.

So I redid the entire Episode section, the guides, scripts and galleries are all back up to date. After firmly checking each and every link I believe that now everything should be working again.

I apologize for the downtime, and thank you ano for letting me know!

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