First Site news for the year 2013 *exciting* so here are some new developments from the page.

New Layout

As many of you have already noticed the site is looking different from before. Less Merlin and more Actors orientated. Don’t worry the page is still all about Merlin! I will keep on updating the site with more fanarts. And Merlin news as it comes along but as the finale was aired breaking many hearts at the 24th december 2012, I will focus the page more on what the actors will be doing next.

The new lay-out brings a new navigation method which most likely will need some getting used to. But the former navigation was becoming so large it was getting hard to see trough.

At the top menu you will only find the first level pages, subpages of these will load in a seperate menu on your left as you made your first choice.

The front page will still be showing everything that is new, from information on your left, media on your right.

Video Galleries

The video thumbnails galleries have been down for a while, I have tried desperately to fix these without any succes. I apologize for the inconvienence that might have caused for some of my returning but also new visitors.

Gladly I can announce now that all the video thumbnail galleries are back up and running. The newest interviews recorded at the 3rd of december by our lovely cast have been added to the interviews section.

Also some great new musicvideo’s with footage of the grand finale are added to Video Galleries.


Another big update on the fanart galleries as the loving artists that provide us with these beautiful works have been rather busy. Here is a list of the upgraded galleries;

Yogreni’s ArtGallery

T-luminareth’s ArtGallery

Sweethoney’s ArtGallery

Itzcoatl’s ArtGallery

Merthur ArtGallery

Nicole’s ArtGallery

Helfai’s ArtGallery

Gl30’s ArtGallery

Gatergirl’s ArtGallery

Flomacaroon’s ArtGallery

Enednoviel’s ArtGallery

Artydesk’s ArtGallery

Alby’s ArtGallery


New Events

As we have had the pleasure of celebrating new year, it was also Colin Morgan’s birthday at the 1st of Januar. The upcomming cast member birthdays will be added and maintained in the Calender under Community.

Also I will add airdates of the works the cast will be in now that Merlin is no more. The first new airdate is tomorrow 7th Januar 14:15 UK time on BBC one airing the new mini series Privates with Alexander Vlahos in the lead role as Private Keenan.


To get the page more active I have added several possibilities to leave feedback. There is a Guestbook under the community section for you to leave a message. Also a shoutbox at the left of the page where you can leave a message or a request. The polls at the bottom of the homepage are to leave feedback, one general about the page and one about Merlin.

The sign up and login for the page is now also active, you can login using your social media account which needs no extra registering. Or if you prefer you can create a seperate account at the register page.

Signing up will grant you acces to the Merthur ArtGallery and Adult galleries. Non-Members do not have acces to these as to the 18+ material in there.

If you are having any issues, troubles, complains, compliments etc. considering this page please send me a message at the shoutbox or email me.