Hi Everyone,

Merlin’s Myth and Magic has been a little slow lately with the updates. Because of the transition of the new domain name I have lost a lot of followers. Which made me rather sad, as my hosting provider had not left me any other options. The website had become too large for their servers to handle.

But nevertheless I am back on track, starting with a large update of our loyal fanartists.

Keep in mind that the Merthur and Adult gallery are restricted area’s and can only be accessed if you’ve registered an account for Merlin’s Myth and Magic.

Here are the Galleries that have been updated:

  • Ektapinki (88 new images)
  • Nicole21Lohmar (44 new images)
  • Wil’s (6 new images)
  • VeilaKS (1 new image)
  • DavidOff (1 new image)
  • Merthur (17 new images)
  • Mouse’s (2 new images)
  • DeathInMind (5 new images)
  • Amphigoury’s (2 new images)
  • Adult (2 new images)
  • AlbyMangroves ( 6 new images)