Hey everyone,

So here we are, all of you reading this post I would like to say thank you for visiting or returning to Merlin’s Myth and Magic in the new year! I hope you all had a great old years eve and I wish you all a very happy New Year.

So let’s get to business what’s new at Merlin’s Myth and Magic? Well where to start…
I have renewed the site, decreasing the size enormously whereas the page should be loading a lot faster.
However Technic is and will always be a tricky thing so you might now and then have to refresh while checking out the picture galleries because one image did not load. This is because I am using a direct link to my Flickr account. Hosting over 36.000 images on a normal website is just not possible as I would need a hosting packet that is larger at size then most hosting would offer.
Also Myth and Magic is now officially hosting more then 36.500 images, fan arts, photographs etc.

Talking about pictures you may have noticed the index pages no longer have any images anymore. I was considering placing the old images back when I thought to myself, those standard images are getting old. I decided to do as I did with the Episode Guides to create my own images for the index pages. For the Actors, Characters and Shipping. Both Picture and Video Indexes all image material will be replaced. The galleries themselves are normally online, like they were never gone at all.

As some of you might have noticed, there is a new part of the site navigation. Showing Members, Activity and Forums.
This is only a small beginning of the changes that are to come. From now on you will be able to become an active member of the site. You will be able to promote your own fan pages, in the net or on Facebook, tumbler or anywhere else when you decide to become a member of the collective.
You can create groups with several more members, which will then grant you your very own Forum. In which the admin of the group can decide if this is public or private. To discuss Merlin related topics, or if you so wish you could also use it for role playing possibilities. The site is free of costs for everyone. Do keep in mind to keep it Merlin related, this place will become a place to discuss and remember the series we  all so very much miss.
Share your thoughts and feelings and meet many more other Merlin fans, keep track of what the actors are currently doing and  participate in the activities of the site.
All you have to do is sign up, you can do so by registering a new account. Or signing in with an existing social media account like Facebook, Twitter or many others.

What more can you expect from the site to change? Well for one there will be activities, events added to celebrate the birthday’s of the cast members of the BBC series Merlin. When enough members have joined we can hold contest events, for both writers, fan artists or just general Merlin knowledge quizzes.
Talking about Quizzes, several shall be added to the site as non events. To check which Merlin character you are mostly like. How well you know the series. But also Quizzes not about the series but the general Arthurian Legends.
You will be able to gain achievements, which you can then show off on your profile page. By participating in the events but also by general things like replying to the forum topics, creating your own topics and befriending other members.
I will eventually also be adding a Chat to the site, so you can contact myself or just chat with other members.

All with all I plan on making this a memorial and pleasant place for Merlin fans to remember their favorite series and keep the magic alive! Because we all need someone sometimes.

Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comment form below. I love hearing your input. And feedback is always welcome.