Hey everyone!

I hope you all have gotten a bit over the shock and aftershock of the finale from Merlin. In US it is still airing; next Saturday the 6th Episode. Which is in my opinion probably the most scariest of them all. The Dark Tower!

So good luck with that guys 😉 For those who had not watched it yet.

What’s the cast up to?

So what’s new? Well as you may have all noticed, the front page had been updated with our splendid victory at the NTA awards! Colin Morgan was chosen as best male drama performance exceeding Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch! And he deserves it! I’ve gathered every picture I could find in the net and collected them to one gallery here on Myth and Magic enjoy the NTA Awards Gallery!  Can’t wait to see his next appearance in “Quirke” which I posted a Colin Morgan’s New Gig!

Unfortunately for the series Merlin, they got beaten by Downtown Abbey, which I still find hard to believe…Out of all 4 that was the last one I expected to win to be honest.

Alexander Vlahos has recently received some good critics on his work in privates, which aired the begin of January. We hope to see him soon again in a new production.

Katie McGrath will be appearing in a new TV Series called Dracula which is a VS production! Congrats on the breakthrough Katie! More details on this will follow soon after I’ve done an article collection to find out all the details.

And Angel Coulby, Anthony Head and Janet Montgomery (Mithian) will be making an appearance in the new series on BBC 2 tomorrow; Dancing on the Edge! Airing at 9pm UK Time.

Fanart updates

And now for the updates on the Fanart Galleries!

We welcome two new members, to the fanart Galleries namely sxsllxl’s ArtGalleryand Kil_Rain’s ArtGallery. Whose galleries has just been added to the page.

Further we updated the following galleries:

  • ArtyDesk
  • Gl30
  • FlomaCaroon
  • Mouse
  • BonaCarona
  • Nicole
  • Yogreni
  • Itzcoatl
  • Merthur
  • T-Luminareth