We end the month with another update of Myth and Magic Media.

Adding another Actor Gallery, this time Katie McGrath Gallery! With over 1000 images of her Katie enriches the page with her beautiful smile.

Also I’ve added the Reviews for the episodes “The death song of Uther Pendragon” and “Another’s sorrow”. Which are episodes 3 and 4 of the newest season (5) of Merlin.

Can’t wait for next Saturday!

We can also welcome our newest Fanart Gallery Member, Xinjay’s ArtGallery! Who has some very pretty Mergana artwork and some lovely Bromance from Arthur and Merlin. So have a look and leave a message 😉

Furthermore I just updated some small styling changes to the gallery pages and updated the menu structures.

So I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to leave a message in the guest book if you wish to put a smile on my face.