So Today the page went trough a major remake once again.

I improved both the vertical as the horizontal menu structure. Added several new Fanarts in the fanart gallery and improved the layout of the homepage.

So I hope surfing trough the page has become even more convienent for everyone. If you have any idea’s feel free to use the many comment form’s at the bottom’s of the pages or visit the new GuestBook to leave a review. They always make my day! So I’d be sooo happy if you could just find a little time to leave a comment or a guestbook entry!

Also I’ve added a new way to subcribe to the news articles on the page, as you’ve noticed I am often looking for many news articles. Interviews, Previews, Reviews.

You can now subscribe to a certain catagory meaning if you only wish to receive articles about Colin, than you subscribe to the catagory Colin Morgen! Or if you prefer just interviews or reviews you sign up for those

You’re email adress will be stored in a secure database where not even I will have acces to so it’s totally safe and totally easy way to receive news updates about new articles.