So it’s been a while since I wrote another Site News! So this will be a rather long post. I’ve put it in blocks for ya to filter trough easier.

Community: The round table is waiting for you!

I’ve just been really busy with making the community site: The round table. Since I got so sick and tired of always having to search for the Merlin Fanpages, I mean really facebook must have the worst search engine ever!

And the fanpages don’t even show up if you look for them in google, bing or any other search machine. Supposedly I read that’s because Google doesn’t “crawl” Social Network sites. Haha well guess what, it does mine!

Big Upgrade on the Actor Galleries!

So that apart, the site news for this page! I’ve added several Actor Galleries again 😀

Like the character galleries I’ve split up the actor galleries, because otherwise the loading time of the pages would become extreme! What do you expect with another 5000 images. We managed to get over 21.000 images by now. Nearly 22.000 kinda hehe since the exact amount is 21.956 images.

So we now have

Angel Coulby, Angel and Bradley, Angel and Colin, Angel and Katie, Angel and Others

With only Angel and Anthony and Angel and Richard to go the Angel Coulby Galleries are nearly done.

I also updated the Colin Morgan Gallery and added a Bradley and Colin Gallery.

I’m currently working on the Anthony Head gallery as well.

Even more Fanart to enjoy!

As you might have noticed the FANART Galleries have gotten their own private space in the Menu because they were simply growing too many to keep them as a submenu. Not a bad thing ofcourse cause now you’ll get even easier and faster to the Fanart of your choice.

NEW to the Fanart Galleries we welcome, Sweethoney, Alishen, EvaAngel and Disco-Mouse. All of them amazing artists who were kind enough to grant me the honor of publishing their Merlin Art on my website.

I also updated several of the already excisting fanart galleries with newly drawn images.

Video Sections updated!

So next is the video section, which if you followed the news threads you would know was down for nearly a day! Yes such a shame haha but then it’s back and improved now.

Being bigger, better and badder! Like our lady Morgana would put it.

Not only do you now have the choice to pick from even more videos; I’ve added another 33 Merthur videos and 14 new Mergana videos many more tributes were added as well.

You can also watch the whole playlist in a flashy playlist player from youtube itself now! No more manual switching if you wish to watch em all you can 🙂

Season 5 images!

Another big and for me important update, are the season 5 images. After having had several contact moments with the BBC department about the images I’ve had to remove. I received notice that the images had been leaked and therefor needed to be removed. Seriously I ask you guys, what clotpole, would leak these images and ruin it for everyone else.

Well I can tell you I’m not taking part in the stolen images, cause that is what they are, stolen. The images of season 5 are not supposed to be released before the airdate other than by those who have the permission for it and know the embargo dates. That means that normally Fanpages would have to wait for at least the airdates to publish the season 5 images.

Characters on pictures that have not appeared in the series yet DO NOT belong on fanpages, so if you see those on Facebook Fanpages, please do remember this before you share the image and spread it all over the internet. That the image is most likely leaked and stolen and publishing it is in violation of the BBC Copyright.

That said this is my personal opinion and MY request only, BBC takes no part in it other than having asked me to remove the season 5 images.