Major Update on the Fanart Galleries!

I’ve added several new Fanarts to the following galleries:

  • Yogreni
  • Wil
  • VeilaKS
  • T-Luminareth
  • Merthur
  • Sweethoney
  • Piratefairy
  • Nicole
  • GL30
  • Giusitta
  • BonaCorona
  • Artydesk

Several new fanarts made in the last few days have been added to their galleries.

News Updates

Good news for season 6 has been updated with the notion that at 26th of november it was confirmed this will be the last season of Merlin. Also as far as the news is up to date now, the main cast has let us know they will not be taking part in any spin offs or movies. Therefor 24th of December will be the final air date for Merlin.


The latest interviews with Alexander Vlahos, Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby have been added to the interviews section.

Fanart from Waywardqueen