Behind the scenes of Merlin – Bradley James

Hey everyone!

Just another site update to tell you what is new on the site.

Fanart Galleries

First of all we start with welcoming the new addition of beautiful fan arts; VeilaKS ArtGallery,  ArtyDesk ArtGallery, YOgreni’s ArtGallery, T_Luminareth’s ArtGallery, Numb22z’s ArtGallery and Gl30’s ArtGallery

5 new fan art galleries, hope you guys enjoy. Please consider leaving feedback to the artists they really deserve it and it’s only a small thing to do for a big thank you.

Episode Guide for season 5

Since the names of all the episodes have appeared in the Internet I updated the Episode Guide with the newest season. Out of respect for BBC however I am still not posting pictures of none aired episodes. So I’ll update the pictures as soon as the airing date has passed 🙂

Season 5 Episode Guide

Merlin Quizzes

Our community “The round table” has added 5 quizzes in total now. And is enjoying 21 new members! There is still room for plenty more however so why not sign up and join the fun. Talk about your favorite actors, characters and episodes. Anything Merlin related goes.

Merlin Facebook Fanpages

I noticed there are quite a lot Merlin Fanpages out there, and I figured from fans for fans, it would be easy to have a place objective to leave promo’s and gather these links. So they will be easier to find for all of us.

So I added a Links section to both the community and the main page. The links section can hold your fanpage as well, all you have to do is sign in to the round table, click on links and press create link. Give in the url and fetch your details. The link will appear on both The round table and Merlin’s Myth and Magic for other fans to find.