Three years have passed on screen as the new series of Merlin emerges. Airing at October 6th at 7:45 pm GMT +1, it leaves many fans waiting patiently for the yet darkest episode of Merlin yet to come.

Although Merlin will still be a family it is said the show has grown with it’s audience taking over a now more darker theme. The characters have matured but not lost their charisma.

Arthur and Gwen are now on the throne ruling a Camelot in it’s golden age. Merlin’s job is almost complete, but Aithusa is on the loose and Mordred returns forming a new threat to our beloved King and his loyal servant.

What is Morgana plotting in these new series? We will soon find out.

SFX Grabbed a chance to meet the gang and talk about the new run, finding out what it is really like; making a world-conquering fantasy show…