Katie, Bradley and Colin enter a Interview where they state rather clearly there will be NO movies with the TV series cast. According to Colin Morgan these were only rumors.

Supposedly he has forgotten that it was said by Julian and Johnny themselves at Comic Con on the 15th of July this year that there was possibilities for a movie trilogy AND a 6th season!

Now it appears, the cast has known quite long already there was never any intention to do a 6th season. Nor do any movies…

So I can’t help but ask myself, WHY on earth did they say there would be then on the Comic Con. And why did the cast not mention anything in all the interviews asking about the 6th season.

Still the actors claim that the finale of the last series will be everything the fans have waited for and will answer all of our questions.

I’m a little skeptic about it but I can’t wait to see what the fuzz is about with the final bang that will be the definite ending of our beloved TV Series; Merlin.

Source: http://myflailstation.tumblr.com/post/37124214403/an-interview-with-colin-morgan-katie-mcgrath-and