Radio Times offers us a unique view in the life of Morgana by speaking directly to Katie McGrath.

Find out what is in store for Morgana in season 5 and what skills Katie has gained during her past 4 years in Merlin. Katie reveals some of the guest stars appearing in season 5. And expresses her fandom for Warwick Davies, she is a bit of sci fi geek.

Katie also explains why there is no romance on the set with such handsome men all around her, it’s hard for the fans to understand but reading her explenation. It does kinda make sense, it’s more like a big happy family so she feels like having several extra big brothers.

She tells us about the lovely fan mail she has received which apparantly contained a lot of eatable things. So Morgana must look hungry.

Further you can read about Katie’s big breaktrough how she got into acting in the first place and what she will be doing next. Katie will be joining a Channel 4 Drama with John Hurt. Unfortunately for the Netherlands, we do not receive Channel 4.

And at the end Katie expresses her love for her Character “Wherever she goes, I go” the actrice answers to the question if she would be up for another season. She would also love to do a movie trilogy as has been rumoured.

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