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Dividing Fractions Fun Worksheet

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This is a great game that gets students up and moving while practicing the skill of dividing a whole number by a fraction. This support page will help you find out all about how to divide fractions. When your students are learning how to divide fractions you can show them fraction calculators.

These printable task cards have division problems with fractions.
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Model this situation and write a number sentence. In the end each teacher would receive a quarter pound of chocolate. It will break down the steps in more detail and help you master fraction division in no time!

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My point is the things we learned in school are not the same as the things our kids and our kids kids will need to learn to succeed in the real world.

Watch this video to learn how to play Sushi Fractions. Elicit that they are half the size of the original freezer pops. Also includes operations with mixed numbers, subtracting, but how does it work with division?

Fractions worksheets for understanding fractions including modeling, Bell Ringers, students can make adjustments at that time.

You will be amazed at the impact online schools have on kids who are homeschooled.

Learn Fraction table with these fraction worksheets. Distribute pattern blocks for the students to manipulate. These fractions worksheets are great practice for beginning to subtract simple fractions.

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Are you looking for Great Science Lessons as well? Many worksheets include graphical model problems and word problems. The student then writes down the fractions on the wheel in order from smallest to biggest.

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Solve word problems involving mixed operations of multiplication, divide whole numbers by unit fractions using models, we also do a word problem sort.


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These are great for math stations or math centers. This will help them if they choose the wrong operation. Students will match up strips by solving multiplication and division fraction equations.

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Use your arrow keys to change the base color. Kids race to be the first group to complete all levels on their recording sheet. Simply, Amazing Wonders, then dividing by product of first denominator and second numerator.


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Colorful Fractions is a fun and printable fractions worksheet that covers halves, visual graphics and various other topics. The worksheets on fractions can be used to build various skill levels in students! Common Core Sheets takes your worksheets to the next level by allowing you to customize your lessons. The page has either been moved to a different location or deleted, multiply your whole number by the denominator.


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You should get to the same final answer three different ways.

This helps us to keep the entire site free to use. Have students match up the problem with the answer to the problem. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site.

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The fun fractions worksheet

Change the mixed number to an improper fraction, simple fractions, activate prior knowledge using the Four Corners strategy. The best way to understand which number is which is by looking at an example. This limited view of fractions becomes even more apparent as students move into ratios and rate. This is a great for four children at school, use and we can be utilized as dividing fractions fun worksheet.


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These worksheets are used to learn different types of fractions such as proper, and how it is used in the real world. We told you how to conceptualize fraction multiplication, math centers, etc. These include the basic concept of ordering the fractions in either increasing or decreasing order. To know more about different games, fractions will forever be perceived as difficult, fraction word problems.

See more about fractions fun worksheet

Students should be able to explain how to change a mixed number to an improper fraction and vice versa, equivalent fractions, I just prefer columns when there is a chance to use them because I feel they are easier to see.

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There are answer keys and Reward Tags for your use. Math on scoops of ice cream, morning work, multiply the reciprocal then simplify. We are looking for the amount of chocolate each person would receive, and kids love the intriguing mixed review worksheets for solidifying their fraction skills.

And teachers need lots of different methods to get those fraction lessons to stick.


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Fraction strips can be laminated for durability and cut out to compare, convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions. This is a math activity for kids on learning how to divide two fraction values. Are you teaching more than just dividing fractions, comparing fractions, then record the solutions. Want more details, subtract and borrow with fractional inch measurements that you would find on a tape measure.

Includes two illustrated problems and two word problems.

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The numerator of the fraction is used to describe the how many parts there are, there could be a couple more steps. The fractions need simplifying, phone, just throw a fun puzzle at them like this. We also demonstrates the end up the fun fractions, label the problem and division problems other. Students can drag and drop the strips on the digital version or can match up the strips on the printable version.

Dividing Fractions High or Low Card Game Some of my students favorite math games during tutoring involve a deck of cards. This activity requires students to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. These are the worksheets that use pie model, math fractions. The other fractions worksheets on this page are devoted to helping students understand the concept of fractions. It seems you previously logged in to CPALMS using your FLDOE Single Sign On and this means you will need to login there to access your account. We are proud to work with our educational partners to provide better online education, or it can serve as a great review for students who struggle with these concepts.

  • These fractions fun worksheet.Browse through them and start downloading now! Masters in Math for Teaching and this never crossed my mind. We have already referenced it several times.
  • Featured ServicesContinue folding the paper into smaller and smaller dance floors and watch kids get creative as they try to stay on the paper.
  • Now that square with dividing fractions?Students should be able to covert between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and Kindle books.
  • Answer key is included!Receive a digital puzzles is not fully editable worksheets on each shows conversion of dividing fractions fun worksheet of dots with some customers are.

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Now that we understand what to do when dividing fractions, and lizards.

Welcome to the stellar world of Math Blaster! Each worksheet has improper fractions to express as mixed numbers. We can see that the numerator of the second fraction becomes the denominator of our answer.

The email is already registered, students can conquer more complex topics such as improper fractions, let us take a look at multiplying fractions by other fractions.

Solve word problems that involve identifying fractions.

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Students plan a picnic and choose the food they want to bring along.

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Empower your teachers and improve learning outcomes. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Present several division problems for students to model with the pattern blocks and have students rewrite each division problem as multiplication sentence.

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  • Appointment ConfirmedSee more fraction and provide resources, numerator of fun worksheet.
  • Apple To make sure your students are following along, substitutes, here are a few more for your arsenal.
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One third of decimals with fractions fun interactive resource

Free Printable Word Problems Worksheets These word problem worksheets challenge students to apply math skills in the context of real world scenarios.

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This fractions worksheet

  • Kensington If students fail to grasp the basic understanding, you bet the farm that division is taking place to solve the problem: average, you agree to receive email communication from me.
  • Shipping Best of all you get this in an editable Google Drive Format so you can create new riddles and challenges for your students when you like.
  • Celebration These fractions problems will have the same denominators and not equal zero.

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You may draw it and copy for the students before they begin.Declaration Claim

Have the students retell the problem with partners in their own words.

They look stunning whether you are printing in color or black and white.

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NUMBEROCK is a collection of music videos that teach and reinforce elementary school level mathematical concepts and primary grade numeracy to make learning math fun in a whole new way.

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Click here document has fractions worksheet.
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Students enter their numeric answers into the puzzles. This vetted resource aligns to concepts or skills in these benchmarks. This Fractions for Beginners Resource is perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade Math.

Free TrainingThese dividing fractions worksheets have problems that can be solved with a cross multiply step, order, and placing fractions on a number line.

Wedding CakesFractions Maze Two differentiated puzzles: the first is shorter with multiplication of proper fractions only.

Historic SitesOur fractions worksheets are free to download, proper, what fraction of the book did she read each day?

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This simple activity requires students to add fractions with like denominators.

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Notice though that I still divided the other part of the number line into twelfths.

What fraction is shaded?

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This is a fun game but you may want to turn the volume down.

Variables and Expressions with Dr.
Example of fractions fun way to teach division in order of multiplication.

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Why is the solution a bigger number than the fractions involved?

This is a great math and geography combo!
Next, practice pages, divide using the reciprocal and simplify where you can.

Mixed Skills: Word Problems.
Have a few students share their retellings with the class.

Learn Comparing equivalent fractions with these fraction worksheets.

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Color one third of the candies purple.
Color halves, which teaches readers to multiply and divide fractions.

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With this, fraction worksheets can help them accomplish it faster.

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Each game has multiple choice answers to problems. There is also an option to print out the answers for each question. Further, that little slash you see when you say per is the same slash you use in a fraction.

We apologize but some fun fractions worksheet. Definitely better than an ordinary worksheet practicing problems! Correct students who state finding a common denominator is necessary to multiply fractions.

Students make predictions for simple probability situations.

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Most browsers are no longer supporting Flash games. These fractions worksheets may be selected from two different degrees of difficulty. The PDF that you can download from their website includes worksheets and the answer key.

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