Colin Morgan has revealed the not-entirely-surprising news that Aithusa, the white dragon in Merlin, will be allied with Morgana in the show’s fifth series.

“The baby dragon was a big thing for him,” the actor told SciFiNow, “something he wanted to do for the future, and it’s actually a little bit upsetting what’s to come with the baby dragon – he’s chosen Morgana!”

Aithusa first appeared in an early episode of Series 4, and made an unexpected return in last year’s finale, healing Morgana in the forest after her second deposal from Camelot’s throne.

“The dragons have always been, for Merlin, something highly important to him,” Morgan added, “because he constantly refers to them as kin – he has a connection to them. They are creatures of magic, and regardless of it, there is a lot of loneliness in Merlin.”

source: ‘Merlin’: Aithusa’s allegiance confirmed. Cult Box