Today I found this article on Cult box which expresses something many of the fans have been talking about.

The “return” of Merlin. Myself included and fans all over the world are missing the series which had it’s finale last year’s Christmas already. It has only been a few months but everywhere partitions are being held, articles are being written and fans are writing letters begging for the actors and writers to reconsider.

Although I do not believe the actors will reconsider very fast, I do not want to give up hope that perhaps one day Merlin might return to our screens. Filling up the gaps they have left in the series, questions like what happens in the time between? Why is Merlin all alone and not in Camelot when Guinevere was crowned? How will Guinevere live on the Pendragon line without an heir? Everyone knows the Legend does not die with the Pendragon blood line dieing out!

There is much more to be told, so unlike the actors have stated that this is the high of the series I’d really have to disagree. Morgana and Mordred might have been defeated but with Arthur’s death so did the hope of magic returning to Albion.

This cannot be the ending we have so much hoped for and Killgharrah said it himself, Arthur will rise again when the need for him is there. So reason enough to continue our journey!

Original Source: a blog to bring back Merlin!

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