Okay since there are too many annoying and negative rumors about our wonderful cast I’d figured I’d do some research.

Please bare in mind, that everything in the net currently are RUMORS not FACTS as nothing has been confirmed or stated by BBC themselves about the 6th season.

First of all, it was said that a 6th season would be in negotiation with BBC after the results of the 5th season were known.

So all the things stating that there won’t be a sixth season because for example the actors were sad to leave Pierrefonds. Well ofcourse they are, they have been there working together for another 8th months making Merlin. Going home means a temporary goodbye which makes people sad.

Also leaving the beautiful castle and returning to rainy London…wouldn’t you be sad?

And then there is the rumor that some of the actors might have said they don’t wish to continue. I assure you this is all a point of perspective because none of them have literally said they will not be returning.

Whether there will or won’t be a 6th season remains a mystery but the cast is very hopeful and very loyal to the series.

Here are some quotes as to what the cast has answered to the question what they would do if a season 6 would occur.

Katie McGrath:

If Merlin were to continue for another five series, would you?

Because I’ve played Morgana since the start, I want to see her through until her story finishes. I’m quite attached to her now. Wherever she goes, I’ll go.


Colin Morgan:

At 8:30 Colin is asked whether he would do another 6 series.

I always go with the passion of something and if that’s there than yes

Bradley James:

If Merlin goes to a tenth series, will you?

I think there will be a time to throw in the towel. When the drive isn’t there any more, that’s when it’s time to stop. They’re in talks about series six at the moment but I think we’re going to see how this series goes before thinking about series six or anything. That’s been the philosophy at the end of each year. The key is you don’t want to do something that isn’t better than what we’ve just done.


Angel Coulby:

If Merlin carried on for another five series, would you?

Who knows? I’d hate to think of it going on without me because I’ve been part of it for such a long time. Then again, I became an actor to do a variety of different things so I won’t stay forever and ever.


Ah yes and of course not to forget the news from Imre Jele; developer of Merlin the Game.

Season six is not confirmed yet, but I would be surprised if they don’t, because it’s doing really well.


All with all I think we have plenty of reason to be hopeful for another season!

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