Here are 10 quotes from the upcomming Merlin episode.

“Arthur’s Bane” S05E01 can you guess who said what?

‘Patience and I are old friends.’

‘I heard many rumours Sire, all of them had one name in common: Morgana.’

‘The knights of Camelot do not abandon their own.’

‘A wise man is not cowed by knowledge, Merlin.’

‘I’d love to see your fool perform.’

‘They are Pendragons. They are good for one thing only… death!’

‘Good allies are hard to find. I’d hate to lose one.’

‘Navigation is not your strong point, is it?’

‘If only we had a horse.’

‘You know I never do as I’m told.’

source: ‘Merlin’: ‘Arthur’s Bane (Part One)’ teasers.