Merlin and Arthur’s friendship is set to change in the upcoming fifth series of BBC One’s Merlin.

“Their relationship definitely becomes a lot more strained, I think,” actor Colin Morgan (Merlin) told SciFiNow, “because Arthur is the king now, Guinevere is the queen. We are seeing Gwen becoming a real source of influence on him, and we see that become a real rock-steady duo.”

He added: “Merlin is an influence on him, but in a completely different way, in the way that he is so much in the know about how things should be. But magic is a huge blockade. Their relationship is kind of what it’s always been, but something’s changed. They have put us in situations that are the toughest we’ve ever faced, but there is still room for what we’ve always had, which is a bit of banter.”

source: Merlin and Arthur’s relationship is ‘strained’ in Series 5. Cult Box