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Arthur’s Bane – Part 2

General information

First Aired: 13 October 2012
Viewers: 6.99 million
Written by: Julian Jones
Directed by: Justin Molotnikov
Guest Stars: Rupert Young (Recurring), Eoin Macken (Recurring), Adetomiwa Edun (Recurring), Tom Hopper (Recurring), Alexander Vlahos (Recurring), Stephen McCole, Sofie Rundle, Josette Simon, Liam Cunningham
Filming locations: Margam Country Park


Arthur and Merlin are exhausted as they make their way across the icy plains toward the fortress of Ismere, but with each tired step, the warlock’s fear intensifies. What powerful secrets are Morgana and the druid Ruadan searching for among its twisted catacombs? And what dangerous game is Mordred playing? It seems not even Merlin can stop his king from walking into certain danger as the great battle for Albion begins.

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Arthur's Bane - part 2