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“The Sword in the Stone – part 1”

General information

First Aired: 17 December 2011
Viewers: 8.39 million
Written by: Jake Michie
Directed by: Alice Troughton
Guest Stars: Rupert Young (Recurring), Eoin Macken (Recurring), Adetomiwa Edun (Recurring), Tom Hopper (Recurring), Nathaniel Parker (Recurring), Terence Maynard, Miranda Raison, Ben Daniels, Caroline Faber, Vincent Lecrocq (uncredited) and Adrian Mitchell (uncredited)
Filming locations: Clearwell Caves


With Morgana at the helm of a vast Southron army, a deadly net is closing in around Camelot. When the sorceress strikes, the ferocity of her attack forces everyone to run for their lives – even Arthur. But Morgana will not let him escape that easily. And so begins a chilling hunt…
Can Merlin save the King from Morgana’s clutches? Or has Arthur’s luck finally run out?

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The sword in the stone - part 1