S04E04 Aithusa Slide


General information

First Aired: 22 October 2011
Viewers: 6.96 million
Written by: Julian Jones
Directed by: Alex Pillai
Guest Stars: Rupert Young (Recurring), Eoin Macken (Recurring), Adetomiwa Edun (Recurring), Tom Hopper (Recurring), Nathaniel Parker (Recurring), James Calis and Trevor Sellers
Filming locations: The Blue Pool


The mysterious Julius Borden arrives in Camelot with news of a magical secret that threatens to change the landscape of the kingdom forever. He has located the final part of the key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: the last remaining dragon’s egg. Merlin is understandably drawn in by Borden’s news, and promises to help him. But just who is the enigmatic stranger and, more importantly, what does he really want with the egg?

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