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“The Wicked Day”

General information

First Aired: 15 October 2011
Viewers: 7.04 million
Written by: Howard Overman
Directed by: Alice Troughton
Guest Stars: Rupert Young (Recurring), Eoin Macken (Recurring), Adetomiwa Edun (Recurring), Tom Hopper (Recurring), Michael Cronin (Recurring), Nathaniel Parker (Recurring), Philip Davis, Phil Holden, Kyle Lima and Mylène Ragon (uncredited)
Filming locations: Clearwell Caves


The mighty citadel is buzzing in anticipation of the prince’s birthday celebrations. But Arthur’s old adversary, Odin, promises to ensure this is one party Camelot will never forget. For amongst the assembling guests lurks a deadly assassin, set to strike.
As the dust settles, Camelot is left devastated. But just how far is Merlin prepared to go to put things right? Would he really risk everything and reveal his secret?

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The wicked day