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“The Witch’s Quickening”

General information

First Aired: 5 December 2009
Viewers: 6.01 million
Written by: Jake Michie
Directed by: Alice Troughton
Guest Stars: Jonathan Bryan, Joseph Mawle, Emely Beecham, Asa Butterfield and Chris McGill
Filming locations: Dyffryn Gardens


Uther has a precious magical relic of the Old Religion locked up tight in the Camelot vaults. Many have lost their lives trying to reclaim the Crystal of Neahtid, but the ruthless warlock Alvarr could succeed where they failed. For Alvarr has a secret weapon – Mordred.
Morgana has always shared a powerful bond with the druid boy, but will she go as far as turning thief and traitor for him? Merlin is shocked by her choice, and by the true purpose of the mysterious crystal.

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the witch's quickening