S02E05 Beauty And The Beast Part 1 Slide

“Beauty and the Beast – part 1”

General information

First Aired: 24 October 2009
Viewers: 5.53 million
Written by: Jake Michie
Directed by: David Moore
Guest Stars: Adam Godley, Sarah Parish, Michael Cronin (recurring) and Rhys Rusbatch
Filming locations: Pontygwaith


Uther is captivated by his latest guest, the beautiful Lady Catrina. Arthur is appalled by his father’s flirting, but Merlin is wary for a different reason – he suspects she is really a troll!
Catrina and her strange servant are welcomed into the heart of Camelot, and it is up to Merlin to prove she is a monster and save Uther from ruin. Unfortunately, Catrina has her sights set on a far greater prize than the king’s heart – can Merlin overcome her powerful troll magic before it is too late?

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Beauty and the beast - part 1