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“The Once and Future Queen”

General information

First Aired: 26 September 2009
Viewers: 5.94 million
Written by: Howard Overman
Directed by: Jeremy Webb
Guest Stars: Fintan McKeown, Jack Sandle, Adrian Lester, Alex Price, Jai Armstrong, Rupert Young (recurring) and Mike Goodenough
Filming locations: Neath Abbey and Neath Abbey the under croft


Arthur is determined to win Camelot’s jousting tournament on his own merit, so with Merlin and Gwen’s help he goes undercover as an ordinary man. But Arthur’s in for a shock when Gwen challenges him to give up his spoilt, lofty ways. Will Arthur be able to shake the habits of a lifetime as easily as he did his princely robes? And why does he care so much what Gwen thinks anyway?
While Arthur is distracted, the bounty hunter Myror arrives in Camelot, intent on killing him. Can Merlin save the prince from the most deadly assassin in the land?

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the once and future queen