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“The Poisoned Chalice”

General information

First Aired: 11 October 2008
Viewers: 6.48 million
Written by: Ben Vanstone
Directed by: Ed Fraiman
Guest Stars: Michelle Ryan, Clive Russel, Gary Oliver, Jamie McKenna and Paul Kynman.
Filming locations: Burnham Beeches, Chislehurst Caves and Ivinghoe Beacon.


The evil sorceress Nimueh (Michelle Ryan) is back to wreak havoc on Camelot. This time Merlin is her target, and she tricks the young warlock into drinking from a poisoned chalice, causing him to fall dangerously ill. Arthur must venture to the caves deep beneath the forest of Balor to obtain the antidote, but he does not realize he is walking into a trap. Determined to thwart his quest, Nimueh does everything she can to stop him. Can Arthur overcome these magical hurdles and make it back in time to save his friend?

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the poisoned chalice