The First review of the new Merlin Facebook Game has been released.

BBC’s Merlin is a family oriented TV show, so when the news came about a game based on it, it was assumed that it wouldn’t be the most advanced. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing and deciding to make it a Facebook game will (hopefully) help fans across the globe connect through the game. The graphics are more than adequate considering the platform, and you get the feeling you’re playing a purchased online game. You can tell the details in the faces and the clothing and the different places you go to are designed well to give a different feel to it fitting the mission you’re on at that time. The creators behind Merlin: The Game, Bossa Studios, previously won a BAFTA for best online browser game for Monstermind, a PvP game which is also on Facebook.

Merlin: The Game is an RPG set in an interpretation of Camelot. You play either a male or female character and kick it off by learning the ‘how to’ of the game, which is very simple. You click around with the mouse to move forward and also to slay enemies. After a few practice rounds you get to meet Merlin, who brings you with him to Camelot. Here, you will be introduced to the other characters of the show, and by interacting with them you’re given various tasks and things to perform, such as fighting off giant spiders (arachnophobia warning) and skeleton armies. You increase in experience (XP) and earn money from the executed tasks, money that you can purchase potions, abilities, armour and weapons for. By clicking on a map you can see your missions lined up across Camelot, and revisit previously completed missions to gain more XP and money.

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