The Merlin Episode Guides provide information on each Episode of the BBC series Merlin. You can find many things in the Merlin Episode Guides among which;

  • first air date
  • writer
  • director
  • filming locations
  • guest Stars
  • intensemmary
  • full dialogue scripts

All the information you need connected to a particular Episode collected in the Merlin Episode Guides.

Besides the Merlin Episode Guides there are also Image Galleries for each episode.

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About the Merlin series

Merlin's Myth and Magic Info Image made by ChibiChiii

Do you like magic? Dragons? And many other mythical creatures?
Than BBC Merlin series is your show!
See the legendary king Arthur in times which have never been shown before. Before Arthur became king, he was a young prince guided by a very special young man called Merlin. The sorcerer we all know, the most powerful wizard of all; destined for greatness at Arthur’s side. But this time…from a very different point of view.
In a Camelot where Magic is banned; Merlin sides with the young Pendragon. Risking the penalty of death, he must fulfill his destiny and help Arthur become the king he is meant to be. Reunite the land of Albion and restore magic to its rightful place. So he too, can one time be free to be himself. At the 20th of September 2008 Merlin was first shown on BBC One in the UK airing its first episode with 7.15 million viewers. The series then ended after the 5th and final season. Airing the last episode at 24th of December 2012 at Christmas eve on BBC One with 7.80 million viewers. Starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson and many more!


Colin Morgan as Merlin


Bradley James as Arthur


Angel Coulby as Guinevere


Katie McGrath as Lady Morgana


Anthony Head as King Uther


Richard Wilson as Gaius

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