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Shell Environmental Policy Statement

We may also face liabilities if a purchaser fails to honour their commitments.
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Edison International is also the parent company of Edison Energy, a portfolio of competitive businesses that provide commercial and industrial customers with energy management and procurement services. Waste contractors are involved with the checking, compliance and working with the operators on site, so that they understand the requirements for segregating wastes during activities at the installations. This Report is also available, free of charge, at www. You have already flagged this document.

Many other factors, including the materialisation of the risks discussed in several of the other risk factors, could negatively impact our reputation and could have a material adverse effect on our earnings, cash flows and financial condition.

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The Director must give the Board sufficient details of the relevant matter to enable it to decide how to address the conflict of interest, together with any additional information which it may request. Dutch shell storage tanks is shell environmental council experts who would be consumed in this commitment demonstrates how shell nederland is.

We are helping to improve air quality by reducing emissions from our operations and providing cleaner ways to power transport and industry.

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This means supplying energy products and services that our customers need, now and in the future, and developing a resilient portfolio in line with our purpose of providing more and cleaner energy to society.

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