I have to agree with the Review of Den of Geek which states the episode could have been better. In my opinion the character of Mithian definately lacked her normal way of spicing up things. And the trust she showed in Merlin in season 4 wasn’t very well used. She hesitated too much and then Merlin got his ass kicked by Morgana. Seriously…Merlin is getting a lot of ass wooping for being the most powerfull wizard of all.

A slightly lacklustre episode this week; Dave reckons it could have been better. Here’s his review…

“Richard McBrien has previously contributed the script for the well-received episode The Hunter’s Heart as well as scripts for SpooksThe Bill and Wallander. He certainly knows how to tell an emotional story and there was the potential to spread this story out as a two-parter to give us time to see more of the dilemmas faced by Merlin and Arthur, along with more of an exploration of the Old Gods. Instead, what we have is a story that never feels like it is truly fulfilling its potential.”

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