Also Den of Geek has written an interesting article on the new Series of Merlin, starting at the 6th of October.

Let’s take a look at what the producers had to say about the upcomming series shall we?

“A little bit more sophisticated, a little bit darker”, that’s the promise for season five of Merlin from the show’s producer and co-creator Johnny Capps.

Ofcourse Merlin will still be a family tv show so don’t expect anything comparing to something as BBC Series Torchwood which is for a complete different audience.

“It’s important to us that it’s still an action-adventure show for the family, but the inevitable change comes as the characters get older and their statuses change and the stakes and stories get darker. As we move more into the mythology of Arthur and the Round Table, those stories are quite dark…” Capps adds to his explenation.

As people who know the legends know there are even darker themes, but these were not appropriate for the younger audience and ill there for not be addressed.

“We’ve not done the Morgana/Arthur/Mordred incest story. That’s where the line is drawn” is Capps comment to this.

“The interesting story is Gawain And The Green Knight. We’ve talked about doing that and we’ve never done it, because in the end, deep, deep down it’s about sexuality and things you just can’t tackle head-on. We’ve never done that story simply because it’s about sexuality.” adds Julian Murphy.

But there will be plenty for the eye to enjoy at the starting episode of Merlin’s fifth series as there will be at least one heaving bosom (gwen’s)  and several naked torso’s to enjoy (sir Gwaine’s)!

Even Merlin himself does a little flirting, but with whom? You ‘ll just have to watch and find out.

Series 5 will be different in several ways from the episodes we all have seen so far, more mature but also more focussed on the main cast. “…the old days when we used to have a massive guest lead – virtually one an episode in the first two series”, says Capps, season five has been designed to allow room for the ensemble’s stories. And not just Merlin’s, “

The second big change in the appearance of these series will be that they will not only be entirely from Merlin’s point of view anymore but to tell multi-stranded stories, which is a bit of a departure.

As to the big reveal comming this season there is still no commiting answer. But the friendship has matured in its own way just like the characters have. Gwen becoming the wise advising queen at Arthur’s side, Morgana becoming a rather damaged character seeking no longer just the throne but also her revenge, and Merlin whose matured but still carries the weight of hiding his true identity.

“There’s still the fun that the two characters have in their comic dynamic, but they’ve moved on in the way they relate to each other and they almost, in some situations as the series develops, become equals.” Our producers explain to this subject.

If you wish to read more about the comments to the upcomming season please visit the link below.