All over the world people are in grief. Mourning the death of the TV character Arthur Pendragon. Today I found a article that explained this phenomana is worldwide. We all know that it is just a tv series right? And Arthur died in the legend as well so we all expected it. Yet it struck us fans hard!

In my opinion, dieing Arthur send a rather clear message as well. With Arthur all our hopes and dreams of that better world we all long for died with him. And the hard work of sweet loyal Merlin was rewarded by ending up totally alone.

No Albion, no magic-ban relieved, no friends, just poor Merlin look over the lake remembering what he had lost. Wishing it would somehow return again.

Which describes pretty much how many fans are feeling. Realizing and accepting that this is the end…left us with a sad empty feeling.

Read the explanation of this wonderful person, what died along with Arthur? Why do we take this death so hard?

Made by Into-the-dark;

Made by Into-the-dark;