Cultbox released an Article showing several spoilers in a advanced review on the upcomming episode next saturday!

Concluding to a score of 8/10 the article speaks very highly of Arthur’s Bane part 2. Including the performance of Alexander Vlahos as Mordred and Liam Cunningham as Ruadan. The episode promises to be a thrilling experience that will make you sit on the edge of your chair.


A very bonding scene between Morgana and Aithusa will take place showing a more passionate side of Morgana. Who has been filled with hate and ideas of revenge during the first episode wanting to put Arthur’s head on a stick.

Also the warlock Merlin will be confronted with Aithusa, eventhough this will not directly answer all of the questions of Morgana and Aithusa’s alliance it will answer some of them.

The banter between Arthur and Merlin will have resided again, for Arthur will be a lot less dismissive towards Merlin in the following episode.

Unfortunately in some scenes the icy chasms will betray the shows budget.

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